Christmas in Romania

christmas in romania Today we invite you to spend your winter holidays in Romania, a country with impressive landscapes and century-old traditions, so we will review some of the packages offered by travel agencies for this season.

Carmen Pavel, the head of a Romanian travel agency that this year celebrates 25 years since its establishment, says the variety of destinations and activities on offer in Romania is certain to appeal to everyone:

Carmen Pavel:  “We have packages for all age categories and for all types of tourists. We address people who want relaxation, spa, leisure time, as well as the more active tourists, who seek opportunities to practice winter sports or to spend time outdoors. We even have offers for tourists who love shopping.”


However, for the Christmas and New Year days, Carmen Pavel recommends guesthouses in the countryside:

Carmen Pavel: “I’d start with a region that I love: Bran. It is an area where traditions are still well preserved, and even a brief stay in a guesthouse in Bran or in one of the villages around it would bring tourists closer to the way Romanians used to live. They will be able to listen to carols, to enjoy the traditional cuisine, to watch traditional dances and to admire the folk costumes of the area. It is the season of Christmas carols, of such traditions as Plugusorul and Sorcova, and tourists will be able to enjoy all of these, from Christmas Eve and even after New Year day, until St. Basil’s Feast Day. We are people who love to party, and they will certainly have a great time here. And Bran is not the only a location famous for its wonderful traditions. So is Bukovina, where tourists can see other customs and other approaches to this festive season. The same is true for Maramures and Transylvania. I only mentioned Bran first because it is very popular with tourists and it is somehow related to the legend of Dracula, which is quite well known abroad.”


The Spanish daily El Mundo made public this month a list of the most beautiful Christmas fairs in Romania. Ranking sixth in this list is a city in central Romania, Sibiu. Beautifully decorated, the Great Square of Sibiu hosts one of the most important Christmas fairs in the country, which only concludes after New Year Day. However, this is not where you will find the tallest and most spectacular Christmas tree in the country. According to the authorities, this is located in north-western Romania, in Maramures. Placed downtown Baia Mare, it is 33 m high and has a 6-m top. Also in Baia Mare, two skating rinks have been put up this winter, and around the famous Christmas tree visitors will find booths selling mulled wine and traditional snacks. Diana Olaru, the manager of a four-star hotel located at a 10-minute drive from the city of Baia Mare, has an offer:


Diana Olaru: “We have a three-nigh all-inclusive package starting on December the 23rd, for nearly 200 euros per person per stay. We provide all meals and a trip to the Maramures region, with stopovers at the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, at the famous monastery in Barsana, at the anti-communist memorial in Sighet, with lunch served at a restaurant in Sapanta. The package also includes a special Christmas programme, with carols and traditional music and dance.”


Diana Pascut, the marketing manager of a large tour-operator based in Bucharest, also shares the view that Romania is blessed in terms of its landscape and people:

Diana Pascut:  “Romania has a large diversity of tourist spots and regions worth visiting. The Christmas and New Year period in particular are the perfect time to spend in the mountain areas or other regions where traditions are kept alive, like Maramures and Bukovina. Obviously, a lot of tourists will choose ski resorts, to take advantage of the snow.”


Of the regions boasting customs and traditions that are fascinating for contemporary visitors, Diana Pascut recommends the north-east of Romania:

Diana Pascut: “In our opinion, the most beautiful place to visit during the winter holidays is Bukovina. On the one hand, the scenery is breathtaking. There is a lot of snow, and a lot of traditions and customs. We have prepared 4, 5 and 6-day packages, which include accommodation, the Christmas dinner, and participation in specific Christmas ceremonies and customs. The packages also include access to the spa centre and the salt-water pool of the hotel in Gura Humorului, with which we have a very good relation. Prices range between 300 euros per person for a 3-night stay in a double room, and 450 euros per person for a six-night premium package. We are looking forward to seeing you in Romania.”


Many guesthouses are available for group rental. For instance, the tariff for renting an entire villa, with 4 double rooms, 2 triple rooms and 2 apartments, with a 24-people dining hall and parking lot, located in a highly popular area, Bran, is 900 euros per day.

Wherever you may choose to stay, be it near Dracula’s castle in Bran, in historical regions with ancient traditions like Maramures and Bukovina, or a ski resort in the mountains, all travel agents promise you will have an unforgettable Christmas in Romania.
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