Winners of the competition "Holidays in Bistrita-Nasaud"

winners of the competition "holidays in bistrita-nasaud" Here are the winners of our competition which came to an end on the 15th of July.

Dear friends, we received 352 correct and complete entries. The grand prize consists in an 8-day (7 nights) stay, with full boarding in Bistrita Nasaud, in the period 15th to the 30th of September 2016 for two persons. They will stay in the town of Bistrita, at Piatra Fantanele, at Hotel Castel Dracula, and in Colibita, on the banks of the Colibita artificial lake. There are also a series of other prizes and distinctions offered by the competition’s partners. As usual, the winners of the trip to Romania will have to cover the cost of travel to Romania themselves, including visas, if necessary.



The competition was sponsored by the Hotel Castel Dracula in Piatra Fantanele, Hotel Coroana de Aur in Bistrita and the Fisherman’s Resort in Colibita. We also enjoyed the support of the Bistrita Nasaud County Council, the Bistrita Town Hall, the Nasaud Orthodox Archpriestship, the Bistrita branch of the Romanian Fine Artists’ Union, the Bistrita Nasaud County Centre for Culture, the Museum of Compared Arts in Sangeorz Bai, the Societatea de Concerte Cultural Foundation in Bistrita and the Rasunetul newspaper in Bistrita.



Information about Bistrita Nasaud was available on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. As mentioned earlier, the competition came to an end on the 15th of July. Let’s now recap the questions and the correct answers:

What is the capital city of Bistrita Nasaud county? / Correct answer: Bistrita

What is the name of the storage lake on the shores of which the guesthouse that will host the winners of the contest is located? / Correct answer: Colibita Lake.

The name of whose famous novel and film character is linked to the name of Bistrita Nasaud?Correct answer: Dracula.



And now, let’s see who the winners are. Let’s start with the special distinctions awarded to listeners of the English language broadcast: Keith Simmonds, from France; Roberta Selesky, Pruit Hall and Lee Ri, from the US; Henk Poortlivet and Maria and Robert Ackx from the Netherlands; C.O. Agboola from Nigeria; Satyaki Sarkar, Mitul Kansal, Henarani Sarkar, Muhammad Najim and S.B Sharma from India; Brian Kendall and Grant Skinner, from Britain; Amir Jameel and Javed Iqbal, from Pakistan; Thein Soe from Malaysia; and Bezazel Ferhat from Algeria.




The third prize goes to our listener in Poland, Jaroslaw Jedrzejczak. T



 Moving on the second prize, the winner is our listener from Estonia, Arne Timm, who wrote us this: “I had the chance to visit Romania, including the Transylvania region, in the winter 1985 and enjoyed the nature and folklore of your country. Then I bought some music records I like to listen sometimes.  From Romanian Radio I like to listen first of all to music, the programmes about history, national dishes and tourist destinations. Will be great to visit your wonderful country again in summer and see what changes have taken place.”



The first prize went to our listener in Bangladesh, Palash Chowdhury. Here’s an excerpt from his competition entry: “Besides a rich history and breathtaking landscapes, the county has many other tourist attractions. It is wonderful. I would really like to come to visit the popular Bistrita-Nasaud in Romania for holidays in the future.”



We also have a special prize going to two listeners of the English Section, namely Ashik Eqbal Tokon from Bangladesh and Muralidhar M from India. 



Before disclosing the name of the winner of a trip to Romania, we would like to thank everyone who took part in this competition. We were again overwhelmed by the interest you showed in finding out more about our country. And don’t forget that a new competition has already started, this time dedicated to the RadiRo International Festival of Radio Orchestras.



And now, finally, our winner: Liu Fajian, from China! A 50-year-old company manager, he won an 8-day trip to Bistrita Nasaud county, in the period 15th to 30th of September 2016. Congratulations, Mr. Fajian, we hope you’ll enjoy your time here.



All prizes and distinctions will be mailed by post in the coming months. We would like you to confirm their arrival and the content of the parcels by letter, email or fax.
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