September 8, 2016 UPDATE

september 8, 2016 update Romania’s technocratic Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, will go to Parliament to present the economic situation of the country/ Romanian foreign minister, Lazar Comanescu, met in Bucharest with Turkish deputy prime minister, Veysi Kaynak

THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY- Romania’s technocratic Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, will go to Parliament to present the economic situation of the country, the government spokesperson, Liviu Iolu announced on Thursday. The spokesman said the Prime Minister is thus answering the request made on Thursday, too, in an open letter, by the president of the leftist Social Democratic Party, Liviu Dragnea. The Social Democrats’ leader claims, among others, it is high time the cabinet presented its official stand on such measures as establishing a ceiling for child rearing benefits and increasing taxes on incomes from independent activities.


ANTI-CORRUPTION – Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis on Thursday approved a request by the National Anti-corruption Directorate to start prosecuting former interior minister Petre Toba. The latter is suspected of aiding some of his staff accused of embezzlement. As a result of the scandal, Toba resigned and was replaced by Dragos Tudorache. The priorities of the new minister include the good organisation of the parliamentary elections on December 11.


DIPLOMACY – Romanian foreign minister, Lazar Comanescu, on Thursday met in Bucharest with Turkish deputy prime minister, Veysi Kaynak. On this occasion, Comanescu reiterated Romania’s openness towards boosting bilateral ties, particularly trade relations. In another move, the Romanian foreign minister reiterated Romania’s interest in maintaining stability in Turkey, a NATO member and a key partner of the EU.  Comanescu also gave assurances that Romania would like Turkey to join the EU. According to the Romanian Foreign Ministry, the visit by the Turkish deputy prime minister is proof of the dynamic and fast pace of the political dialogue between the two countries. 


ROMANIAN-UKRAINIAN RELATIONS – Romania is one of the most important supporters of Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, said the Ukrainian charge d’affaires in Bucharest, Teofil Rendiuk at a reception to celebrate Ukraine’s National Day. Rendiuk also said Romania may become Ukraine’s new strategic partner and that the two countries have an excellent dialogue adapted to the current geopolitical and geostrategic situation. Bucharest was a firm critic of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula and voiced its support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity within this country’s internationally recognised borders.


REP. OF MOLDOVA – Nicolae Timofti, the president of the ex-Soviet Republic of Moldova, with a majority Romanian-speaking population, has refused to travel to the meeting of heads of state of the Commonwealth of Independent States to be held next week in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The Moldovan delegation may thus be headed by Prime Minister Pavel Filip. Moldova’s pro-western president Nicolae Timofti, who is nearing the end of his term in office, did not attend the summit last year, either, following a tough exchange with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in 2014 most likely over Moldova’s signing the association agreement with the European Union and Russia’s embargo as a result.


CHRISTIAN HOLY DAY – Christians across the world, including the majority Orthodox Romania, on Thursday celebrated the Feast of the Nativity of Mary, which is known as Little Mary in the traditional calendar. According to Christian tradition, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was born through a miracle. She is believed to be the greatest of all saints and is dedicated four days in the Christian calendar: Nativity, Entry into the Temple, Annunciation and Assumption. Around 2.2 million people are named after Mary in Romania.


SAILING – An international regatta of large sailboats began on Thursday in the Romanian port of Constanta. 13 sailboats from five different countries will be docked for four days in the passenger harbour, where they can be visited free of charge. Romania is represented in the race by the Mircea training ship and the country’s largest civilian sailboat, Adornate. Romanian navy personnel will take part in various sports competitions and a crew parade on Friday.  (Translated by D. Vijeu)
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