This Week... in Your Letters

Excerpts from some of the letters and messages sent in by RRI's listeners.

"Roots is one of my favourite programmes. It was interesting to hear about the September Traditions and holidays for Virgin Mary's Sermons in October. What I find most interesting are the local customs - like cooking special items, gatherings, rituals like hair cutting, special dresses, etc, associated with these holidays. I sometime assume that these customs are pre-Christian and very unique to Romania, which have been wonderfully blended/adapted to Christianity. I look forward to more such interesting information on upcoming episodes of Roots. Another favourite show is The Cooking Show - thanks for mouth-watering dishes. The latest episode on Romanian pastries made of palm jams was a very interesting one. Both Roots and the Cooking Show provides a wonderful window to look into traditional and contemporary Romanian society." (Soumya Bhattacharkee, India)

"I would like to take this opportunity to express how happy I am with how you are handling broadcasting DRM on Shortwave." (John Lakeland, UK)

"I often listen to Radio Romania International. You have interesting programs and information about Romania. Also, Romanian music is exotic. [...] Your signal is very strong here in Finland. Many shortwave stations have stopped broadcasting in Europe and also in the world. I hope that Radio Romania International continues shortwave transmissions." (Risto Happonen, Finland) 

"Thank you once again for the interesting an varied programming which I heard. I very much enjoy listening to your Roots program - it is fascinating hearing about varying aspects of Romanian culture." (Elisabeth Milewicz-Tyson, Australia)

"I especially like classical music and information about Romanian classical performers. I am a lifelong classical music listener. Your signal to Northern California has been exceptionally good during the last week." (Daniel Hawkins, USA)

"Nice broadcast. I particularly enjoyed the segment about health and respiratory benefits of travelling down into salt mines. I had no idea. Thanks for the broadcast." (Michael Berger, USA)
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