The winners of the RadiRo competition

the winners of the radiro competition Here are the winners of a competition held by RRI which came to an end on the 1st of October.

This particular competition was dedicated to the third edition of the RadiRo International Festival of Radio Orchestras, a unique musical event in Europe that brought together 6 orchestras and world-class musicians and conductors at the Radio Concert Hall in Bucharest. We received 198 correct and complete answers. We would like to thank you for your interest and hope you will participate in our future competitions as well.


The winners of prizes and honourable mentions will receive CDs with Romanian and foreign classical music and fine arts works by Romanian artists, as well as a range of cultural promotion objects. The competition was organised together with the Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts School in Bucharest, the Casa Radio Publisher and the Electrecord music label.


The participants in the competition were able to find out the correct answers to the questions from RRI’s programmes and website and its Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn pages.


Before telling you who the winners are, let’s have a look at the questions and the correct answers.


1. Name the year of the first edition of the International Radio Orchestras Festival. Correct answer: 2012.

2.  Who is the honorary director of the 3rd edition of the festival? Correct answer: composer Kristjan Jarvi.

3. How many orchestras will be performing at the 2016 edition of RadiRo? Correct answers: Six.

4. Who is the organiser of the festival?  Correct answers: Radio Romania.


And now, let’s find out the winners:


20 honourable mentions go to the following RRI listeners and internet users: Lidia Dobrescu, of Romania; Dejan Mijatovic, of Serbia; Fritz Andorf, of Germany; He Xige, Xue Fei and Jin Tao, all three of them from China; Egor Aushev and Alexei Ihnenko, both from Russia; Adervall Lima Gómez and Antonio Pereira dos Santos, both from Brazil; Juan Franco Crespo and Juan Antonio Morales, both from Spain; Abdulkarim Ahmed Ali, from Libya; Mitul Kansal, Mohammad Shamim and Syampada Sarkar, all of them from India; Keith Simmonds, of France, who wrote to the English section; DX.R. L. Club (Mr. Najimmudin), of India; Sola Agboola, of Nigeria; and Larry Grabow, of the US.


Here’s an excerpt from Mr. Keith Simmonds’ entry: “We have been motivated to enter this competition by the simple prospect of winning the grand prize to be able to visit Romania which we consider to be one of the most beautiful and amazing of European countries! We have heard and read so much about this amazing land and its great people that we cannot help but be fascinated by it. So, whenever you offer a contest, we are only too eager and happy to do it because we know that the research will give us new and significant knowledge and insight about the country and its people.”


10 third prizes go to the following RRI listeners and internet users: Emad Ali Abdel-Wahed, of Iraq; Jean-Michel Aubier, of France; Ji Yuan, of China; Alvydas Alijosaitis, of Lithuania; Nikolai Matveev, of Russia; Rosa Chumpitaz, Peru; José Luis Corcuera, of Spain; Henk Poortvliet, of the Netherlands; Chin Fok Min, of Malaysia; and Christer Brunstrom, of Sweden.


10 second prizes go to the following: Noureddine Ahmad Hussein, of Jordan; Daniele Giaccari, of Italy; Ihor Danilevici, of Ukraine; Ralf Urbanczyk, of Germany; Amady Faye, of Senegal; Alexandr Abramov, of Russia; Graciela Mastrogiacomo, of Argentina; Carrie Hooper, of the US; Chun-Quan Meng, of China; and Jonathan Murphy, of Ireland.


An old friend of RRI, Jonathan Murphy of Ireland explained why he chose to take part in the contest: “Here are my answers for your newest "The 3rd RadiRo International Radio Orchestras Festival" competition. Thank you for the chance to win autographed classical music CDs, a real treat for us classical music lovers! It would be amazing to listen to Gabriel Croitoru play the famous Guarneri de Gesu violin that used to belong to the great Romanian musician George Enescu. I was fortunate to visit Enescu's house in Sinaia in 2014.”


10 first prizes go to the following RRI listeners and internet users: Stefano Citterio, of Italy; Vitali Efimenko, of Belarus; Marco Lehner, of Germany; Thomas Bégué, of France; Fan Hongjie, of China; Andrei Kuzmin, of Russia; Luis Gerardo Pérez Loyola, from Mexico; Hans Verner Lollike, of Denmark; Grant Skinner, of Great Britain; and John Cooper, of the US.


14 special prizes go to the following RRI listeners and internet users: our conational Alexandru Busneag, from Germany; Ivana Krickovic, of Serbia; Boumechaal Farid, of Algeria; Helmut Matt, of Germany; Christian Canoen, of France; Victor Lu and Guo Huimin, both from China; Nikolai Loghinov and Nikolai Larin, both from Russia; Justino Losada Gómez, of Spain; Sandra Graciela Espósito, of Argentina; Alastair Pamphilon, of Great Britain; Atilio Orellana Rojas, of Japan; and Najim Uddin, of India.


Alastair Pamphilon, of Great Britain, wrote us this: “What prompted me to participate in the contest is my interest in the cultural and musical aspects of Romanian culture. I enjoy listening to classical music and thought by participating would enhance my knowledge of the various musicians who are performing at the 3rd RadiRo International Radio Orchestras Festival. I would also enjoy the opportunity to possibly win a music CD signed by famous Romanian artists as that would be a great prize to cherish especially from RRI.I enjoy listening to RRI as it takes you to a different world away from the usual familiarity in daily life and it is interesting to hear the various programmes on RRI which can enrich knowledge and is good for conversation with friends and family.”


 Atilio Orellana Rojas, of Japan, had this answer: “What motivated me to take part in this contest? Actually I am interested in classical music, and I find very important the role Radio Romania plays in this field. This is my way to express my gratitude to Radio Romania. I regularly listen to Radio Romania to get news from the country. Also through the RRI homepage I learn about the Romanian culture.”


 In turn, Najim Uddin, of India, told us: “I follow RRI broadcasts because RRI is our third eye to see and feel Romania, Romania history, arts & cultures, people & places and travel destination. RRI is my one and only best source to gather information about Romania. (…)  What motivated me in deciding to participate in this contest is quite simple, being an ardent supporter and regular listener of Radio Romania International over the last 16 years I have developed an affinity for Romania and its people which I hope will one day culminate in me personally exploring this historic & cultural land and experiencing the warm wonderful hospitality of proud Romanians.”


 We would like to thank all of you who participated in this competition. Your prizes and honourable mentions will be mailed by post within the coming months. Please confirm receipt of the prizes and their content by letter or email.
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