This week... in your letters

this week... in your letters Excerpts from some of the letters sent in by RRI's listeners

“I really enjoyed listening to this program! It was the first program I’ve listened to for an extended period of time on my new radio. I would have enjoyed more biographical information about the traditional music singer Sofia Vicoveanca – the music was very interesting and enjoyable.”

Kenneth Berglund, Providence, RI, USA


“Hi RRI, My friends in Bucharest I hope all is well. Transmission received here in Cardiff at 17.00 hours on a frequency of 11.810 Khz that come in with a good signal for this time of the evening. Some slight fading during broadcast. I heard a very Interesting world of culture as well as Radio Romania's Encyclopaedia that always educates me from your country. Next All that Jazz, a genre that you know I am very passionate about, as I love the smooth stuff, good cymbal work on the ride cymbal In the opening which I very much enjoyed to listen to. After which was DX mail bag informing us the listeners of the changes to your winter frequencies that I will be programming into my radio. Loving the news and information from Romania; you make it work, you have an extremely skilled team and the more I listen the more that I learn. To you all in the English section that makes it all happen, all the best from a very cloudy Cardiff. Will be in touch soon. P.S. thank you for the QSL and the coat of arms of Bucharest which you might like to know is on my fridge on display!”

James Obrien, Cardiff, GB


“Hi all at RRI, Reception has been very good throughout the month of September. As per usual there have been many enjoyable features in the past month's programmes, and I enjoyed today's show very much, especially the 'Traveller's Guide' feature about the Iron Gate Museum, and the piece that featured the school which was rediscovering traditional crafts, something which is always a worthy aim. Thank you also for the most recent QSL card that you sent me, these always have interesting photographs on them, but it would also be nice to see one with a shot of the RRI presenters on the front of it one day. :-)”

Alan Gale, Great Britain


“Dear RRI! Dear friends! I hope you are all well, now the summer high temperatures are over. I wonder how the harvest has been all over Romania with this unusual summer. Being born and raised on a farm I am always thinking about the farmers, also realizing, that we get all our food from the countryside. Right now we are picking pears and apples, so that we have for most of the winter. Last winter our apples lasted until beginning of May. I am writing you ahead of the football match: Romania-Denmark on Sunday. I will off course be watching the match on TV. If Denmark wins, we will be playing as number 2 in the group with another number 2 from another group, in order to go to Russia next summer. May the best team win and give us an exciting match with a lot of goals – all those 0-0 and 1-0 matches are boring. Best and warmest wishes!”

Hans Verner Lollike, Denmark


“My name is Staffan Crona, and I am 66 years old, with wife and five children. A family picture is enclosed - we have a tradition to make a new picture at every Christmas. I was a shortwave listener about 50 years ago, and I have made a comeback now. My interest for radio and later audio made me study electronics at Chalmers University of technology.”

Staffan Crona, Sweden


“Hi there, My name is Ian Sampson. I am writing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I tuned into your English language program at 0:45 UTC, October 3, 2017 on 9370 KHZ. It was an interesting discussion on duels in Romania and how some people insisted it is adopted and not originally part of Romanian culture. The program continued to discuss how Romanian duels had less deaths then other nations because they generally ended when blood was drawn. Finally it ended exploring how the legal system was lenient on deaths caused by duel. Please keep up the great English language programs!”

Ian Sampson, Canada
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