The Liberals seek no-confidence vote against the Government

the liberals seek no-confidence vote against the government The National Liberal Party plans to bring down the government through a no-confidence motion.

The National Liberal Party in opposition is determined to bring down the government made up of the Social Democratic Party and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Romania.

Their latest reason for discontent is the recently adopted government decree modifying the Fiscal Code, which stipulates, among other things, the switch of the responsibility for paying social security contributions from employers to employees, as well as a reduction in income tax from 16 to 10%. Opposed by trade unions, employer associations and some sections of civil society, the measures have also been severely criticised by the right-of-centre opposition parties, starting with the Liberals.

The move to seek a no-confidence vote against the government already has the support of the Save Romania Union, and the two parties announced they would table the no-confidence motion together. The Liberals have also discussed the move with the Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians in Romania, and so far they have reasons for optimism, the head of the Liberal's parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies Raluca Turcan says:

"We've had talks with the Save Romania Union, and they firmly committed themselves to backing this motion. We've also had talks on very practical aspects with the Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians in Romania, and it was a major satisfaction to be able to have this thorough discussion on elements related to how the country is governed. This is a positive thing, for our future parliamentary activity as well. I am confident that what is going on today with the government and inside the Social Democratic Party will persuade a growing number of MPs to see this no-confidence motion differently."

The People's Movement Party, founded by Romania's former right-wing president Traian Basescu, also announced they would support the motion against Mihai Tudose's cabinet. They believe, however, that the National Liberal Party should also come up with an alternative for the prime minister post. The lack of alternatives and of counter-measures on the part of the Liberals was also mentioned by Victor Ponta, a former Social Democrat who currently heads a group of non-affiliated MPs from the Pro Romania party:

"We will not support this motion, and I really can't see why they are filing it. We've a change of cabinet, and what was the use of it? We got the same thing. Let's say another cabinet will be replaced. What is the Liberals' solution? They are only doing this for the sake of doing it, but nothing will actually change."

For the motion to pass, the Liberals need to convince as many MPs as possible, including from the parties in power, to back it, which is why, apart from the negotiations with the opposition parties, each Liberal MP will try to get one vote from a member of the ruling coalition group. Outside Parliament, the National Liberal Party intends to run nation-wide citizen information campaigns and to organise rallies in Bucharest and other cities. It also requested the Ombudsman to challenge the fiscal reform initiated by the Government in the Constitutional Court.
Publicat: 2017-11-15 13:30:00
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