Mures County

mures county A county that accommodates every kind of tourist preference.

Today you are invited to get acquainted with a county that accommodates every kind of tourist preference. It is a county with wide swaths of forest, with B&Bs in picturesque locations, two spas, and the only Medieval fortress in Europe that is still inhabited on a permanent basis. Sanda Vitelar, a communication and media adviser with Mures County Council, invites you to put Mures County on your list of vacation destinations. She emphasized the fact that the county offers the possibility of practicing all forms of tourism, with the exception of beach going:


Sanda Vitelar: “We are not by the sea, but we do have two spas with salt waters. Sovata is widely known for Ursu Lake, a unique heliothermal lake in this part of Europe, which traps solar heat thanks to the meeting of salty and sweet waters, generating special thermal and balneal properties. Sangeorgiu de Mures became a spa in 2017. It now has a spa center with salt water coming straight from the soil, which is especially good for all kinds of orthopedic ailments, and not only. Then we have mountain tourism on the upper Mures Valley, the Deda-Toplita gorges, as well as the Calimani Mountains Nature Reserve, a place where tourists can experience local traditions and customs. During the summer, there is a festival dedicated to local traditions at Lunca Bradului and Rastolita, and there are many mountain trails for all tourists. And finally, the one destination not to be missed is Sighisoara. A lot of foreign tourists come to the only inhabited fortress in Europe. It is a beautiful Medieval fortress, where plenty of events are held.”


Sighisoara boasts the most beautiful and well preserved medieval urban ensemble in Romania, with narrow streets, massive brick houses that are still inhabited, all surrounded by walls with 14 defensive towers, of which only nine are still in a good state. For people who want to visit more tranquil areas, Sanda Vitelar recommends the plain areas in Mures County, between Targu Mures and Cluj, going towards Alba:


Sanda Vitelar: “There are plenty of lakes there, which makes the area the preferred destination for people who like fishing. Also worth a trip is the Niraj Valley, known as Carrot Country, due to the fact that vegetables are grown there in abundance. Last but not least, we recommend the county capital city, Targu Mures. The center of the city is representative of the Transylvanian Secession style. Two buildings in particular are considered jewels of this style, the Palace of Culture, and the Administration Palace. For young people who want something special, I would recommend the Transylvanian Hills trail, which crosses Mures County and is great for biking. Along the trail, we organize movie screenings, picnics, visits to traditional houses, monasteries and fortified churches. On Mures Valley, several bike trails start in the village of Deda. Tourists don't need to bring their own bikes, we can provide them.”


If you enjoy traditional crafts, Mures Valley is a great destination for you. The most notable destination is the Center for Traditional Creation, part of the Arts and Crafts School, an institution run by Mures County Council. Here is Sanda Vitelar, communication and media adviser with Mures County Council, with more:


Sanda Vitelar: “This center offers visitors the opportunity to visit craftsmen in their homes. For instance, near the town of Reghin you will find the Violin Factory, and also the only craftsmen in our area specializing in leather work: belts, footwear or bags. Towards the mountains, near Toplita, during the summer you can have a unique experience: in exchange for a modest fee, you can see how clothing is washed in falling water. This is done by placing a large wooden tub under a small mountain rapid, and clothes are washed without a trace of detergent, and get cleaner than in any washing machine. In Sighisoara we have the craftsmen's guild towers, where you can see all sorts of crafts and craftsmen, from glass icon painters to leather workers and furriers.”


Sanda Vitelar also gathered impressions from tourists throughout the county. We asked her what tourists say they enjoy the most:


Sanda Vitelar: “The authenticity of the place is what they like the most. The fact that things are simple over here. For instance, you can stay at a four or five star hotel, with a state of the art spa, then a couple of hours’ drive takes you to a sheepfold where you can experience eating polenta, or what we call balmoș, straight at the source. This direct experience was the most highly appreciated by foreign tourists. Authenticity, the fact that everything is natural, the great quality of the products, the great cuisine, traditional customs. This is what grants a special flavor to a trip in our county.”


Mures County is a place where Romanians and Hungarians live side by side, but our guest tells us that almost everyone also speaks English:


Sanda Vitelar: “For instance, the Mures County Museum provides guides that can present to you all the areas and their attractions in English, French, German, Italian, etc. You are eagerly awaited in Mures County, in the heart of Transylvania.”

(translated by: Calin Cotoiu, Eugen Nasta)
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