A summer season on the Romanian Black Sea coast

a summer season on the romanian black sea coast The strong points of the Romanian Black Sea coast are its open beaches with a thick sand layer smoothly going down into the sea

The Romanian Black Sea coast has a rich tourist offer: crowded resorts with a very active nightlife, spas or even deserted beaches with a beautiful wild landscape hard to describe lying between the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. Corina Martin, president of the Federation of the Associations for Tourist Promotion in Romania has more details.


Corina MartinIt is just one of the wonderful holiday destinations in Romania where there are resorts catering for all tastes as well as for all budgets, with 245 km long beaches with the finest sand in Europe. Mamaia is the number one resort, in terms of entertainment and of the active daytime and nightlife in Romania. We’re waiting for foreign tourists to come over as many international events, international music festivals that have become famous abroad too, a lot of sports, fashion and music events are held on the seacoast. Those going in for spa tourism can go to Techirghiol, Eforie Nord and Eforie Sud for mud packing. Tourists who want a quiet holiday can go to the resorts in the South of the coast, resorts with all inclusive for families with children in particular. Actually, there are all-inclusive hotels throughout the seacoast. Tourists can also go on local trips or on a one-day cruise in the Danube Delta. So, there is everything for a nice and active holiday on the Romanian Black Sea coast.”


Corina Martin further tells us about the resort where most events take place in summertime: “For a few years now, the most important events are held in Mamaia, but not only. Events are held all over the coast. Vama Veche is the ‘flower power’ of the Romanian Black Sea coast, where fantastic events are organized during a carefree and exciting holiday. Mamaia boasts the most famous nightclubs in South-Eastern Europe. Mamaia will host the NeverSea Festival, a variant of the annual electronic music festival held in Cluj-Napoca. The best DJs will perform in that resort in the first half of July. So, you have all reasons to come to Mamaia resort where you’ll find the largest beaches, exciting experiences and adventures.”


Corina Martin says that foreign tourists often share nicer impressions than Romanian tourists. A few years ago, they had certain prejudices about our seacoast. Now they are convinced that a sojourn in Mamaia resort this year is worthwhile.

Corina Martin “The resort provides all you can wish. Foreign tourists coming by cruiser and landing in the port of Constanta or just coming on holiday, on a city break or to attend an event such as the NeverSea Festival have very nice experiences, which they share in the social media. This brings added value to the image of the Romanian Black Sea Coast. They are all very excited and for us this is a promise that they will return. We will be waiting for them. The biggest number of foreign tourists in the past 4 years have come from Israel, because we have an Israeli tour operator, which we supported to be able to start a charter line between Tel Aviv and Constanta. The number of flights has increased every summer. We started with one flight a week to have now 4 flights a week. We have practically inaugurated several flights that link Constanta to various destinations in Europe. And this allows many west European tourists from Rome, Paris, Brussels, and Milan to come to Romania’s Black Sea Coast. London is also on the list. We have more and more British tourists who rediscover the Black Sea Coast. There are Britons who come to Mamaia for bachelor’s parties, thus giving up the famous Ibiza.”


The Constanta Public Transport Authority provides hop-on hop-off double-decker buses, with tickets valid for one day. The line is called City Tour and stops at the most important tourist objectives: the Anghel Saligny silo, the old Maritime Exchange, the Maritime Station, the History and Archaeology Museum, the mosaic Roman edifice, Carol I Mosque, the Casino, the Aquarium, the Genovese Lighthouse, the Tomis tourist port, the Dolphinarium, the Holiday Village Camp and the Casino in Mamaia. A 1-day ticket costs 1 euro. If you have more time on your hands, you can visit the surroundings, says Corina Martin, the president of the Federation of Tourist Promotion Associations in Romania.


Corina Martin: “The Danube Delta is always a winner destination. It’s the golden destination of Romanian tourism, unique in Europe. It is not promoted enough, but it is a fantastic experience and destination.”


Stefan Necula is the manager of a travel agency and he also talked to us about tourist experiences in Romania. He says that the trip to Romania’s Black Sea Coast should also include a visit to Dobrogea, since there are tourist programs adapted to those who like 1-day trips.


Stefan Necula: “I want to remind you of the rich spa offer, of the many experiences offered by the region of Dobrogea, of the food and wine offer. We provide trips that promote the area, and we also have an English-speaking guide. We have not had requests for other languages but we can meet any demands. We offer one-day trips and the most sought-after destination is the Danube Delta. The itinerary in the Delta is quite rich and tourists are offered lunch and dinner in a fishermen’s village near Tulcea where they can also see a show of Aromanian dances. The Romanian Black Sea Coast is ready to receive its tourists and hoteliers have better and better services.”

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