November 10, 2018

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WWI Romanian president Klaus Iohannis is in France to participate in the ceremonies marking 100 years since the end of WWI. French president Emmanuel Macron has invited to these ceremonies about 50 heads of state and government from the countries, which participated with troops in the Great War. At the Romanian embassy in Paris, President Iohannis has today met Romanian students involved in research activities in the French capital. The event was also attended by the French Nobel-prize laureate in Physics this year professor Gerard Mourou. President Iohannis said that Romania must make consistent efforts to create high-quality research centers and projects and voiced his desire that Romania and France's partnership in the field of science, technology and industry continue to be a strategic one. The meeting was dedicated to Romania's contribution to the development of science and technology in the year when the country celebrates 100 years since the union of its principalities into a single modern state. President Iohannis' agenda also includes a visit to an exhibition entitled 'Picasso, blue and pink' housed by Musee d'Orsay and a dinner offered by president Macron to all the officials visiting the French capital for the events marking the end of WWI.

YOUTH SUMMIT Romania's youth capital next year is to be designated today during the third edition of the Youth Summit underway in Baia Mare, northern Romania. Three cities are currently vying for the title, Roman and Iasi in eastern Romania and Brasov in the centre. The winner will be awarded a 50 thousand euro prize, which will be used to fund some projects. Romania's Youth Capital, whose first edition took place in 2016, is based on the model of the European Youth Capital.

DOODLE Google has dedicated November 10th to the world's first female engineer, Romanian Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu through a doodle that appears on its first page in 22 countries. Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu was born in Galati, eastern Romania, on November 10th 1887. After graduating from high-school, she got her application turned down by the School of Bridges and Motorways in Bucharest because she was a woman. She graduated from the Royal Technical Academy in Berlin and was put in charge of the laboratories of Romania's Institute of Geology. 

TENNIS Coach Darren Cahill has announced he will no longer collaborate with the world's number one player Simona Halep of Romania in 2019 due to family reasons. In a message posted on Instagram, Cahill has thanked Halep for cooperation and mentioned her good qualities as an athlete. Halep has also thanked the coach for their four-year cooperation. We recall that in the past two years Halep has made it to the first position in the world's rankings and last year in October she reaped her first Grand Slam title at Roland Garros. Halep is going to end this year on the first position in the WTA ranking, being designated the world's best woman tennis player of the year.

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