New Parliament session begins

new parliament session begins The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies have started their first session of 2019 and the fifth of their tenure.

Debating and voting the 2019 budget bill are top on Parliament's agenda at the beginning of its new session. Submitted to public debate and considered ground-breaking by its designers, the budget bill is already challenged by the mayors of big cities. The opposition in turn announced it would submit thousands of amendments during the debate in Parliament, scheduled for this week. Parliament's also eyeing the Government's emergency decree number 114, whereby it introduced certain fiscal and budgetary measures, including to so-called "tax on greed" for banks, aimed at bringing more revenues to the state budget. The Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians has called for a delay in the implementation of the decree until 2020, while the National Liberal Party, the Save Romania Union and the People's Movement Party want Parliament to vote against the law. Senators and Deputies will also discuss the justice laws, while the Chamber of Deputies will debate a draft law simplifying adoption procedures. The Senate is expected to debate the draft laws tacitly adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, dictating that the directors and deputy directors of special services, namely the Romanian Intelligence Service, the Special Telecommunications Service, the Protection and Guard Service and the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service) can have only a four-year term in office. On the other hand, Deputy Daniel Constantin has called for the recognition of the new Pro Europa Party as a new parliamentary faction, made up of 20 members, of whom 16 represented the Social-Democratic Party in the 2016 legislative election. Daniel Constantin:

"Several of my colleagues resigned from the Social-Democratic Party and are now unaffiliated. I'm calling on you to observe the regulations, which is quite clear on this matter. I've submitted a written request which I hope this time will get an answer. I recall I also submitted requests on June 1, 2018 and on December 20, 2018, and got no answer so far".

The requests were rejected by the Chamber of Deputies. Social-Democrat MP Daniel Suciu explains:          

"Today our colleagues are in the group of unaffiliated MPs, they have no parliamentary group, therefore they cannot request a place in the Permanent Office. If we deduct the unaffiliated MPs from the Parliament majority, which is what the leaders of the Social-Democratic Party, the Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats and the Group of Minorities have signed for, we have the exact configuration. The Social-Democratic Party and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats need to stay focused on ruling the country and will not engage in unwarranted conflicts with the opposition".

In the new parliamentary session, the Social-Democratic Party has three positions of vice-presidents in the Permanent Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, a secretary and two quaestors. The National Liberal Party has one vice-president and one secretary, the Save Romania Union one secretary, the Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians two quaestors, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats one quaestor and the group of national minorities one secretary.
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