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romanian without tears Agreeing and disagreeing

Agreeing and disagreeing are two language functions frequently used in spoken interaction, be it personal or social, so we have come up with the basics of respectfully agreeing or disagreeing with someone.

Here is a bunch of words and phrases:

A fi de acord = agree with

A invata foarte bine= work really hard

Cu tot respectful= with all due respect

A nu fi de accord=to disagree

A veni, a aaprea= show up, turn up

Sint total/intru totul de acord cu tine= I couldn't agree with you more

Directie descendenta=downward trend

In pofida/in ciuda=despite


Now let us use some of the words in meaningful, communicative patterns.

Nu sint de acord cu tine, pentru ca sora mea a invatat foarte bine pentru examenul de stilistica.

I do not/I don't agree with you because my sister worked really hard for the Stylistics exam.

Cu tot respectul, nu sint de accord cu tine, pentru ca mama mea a avut tot timpul din lume sa lucreze cu tine, dar tu, pur si simplu, nu ai aparut.

With all due respect, I disagree with you, because my mother had all the time in the world to work with you, but you simply didn't turn up.

Sint intru totul de acord cu tine; economia romaneasca se situeaza o directie descendenta, in pofida cifrelor optimiste publicate in ziare.

I couldn't agree with you more; the Romanian economy is on a downward trend, despite the bracing economic growth figures in the papers.

That's all we had time for in today's Romanian without tears. Thank you all for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us. Good Bye! La revedere!
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