Romanian without tears

romanian without tears Discourse markers in communication

 We continue our presentation of discourse markers as a means of introducing complex communicative patterns.

As usual, here is a series of relevant words and phrases:

Chiar daca=even if

Cu toate ca=although 

In pofida faptului ca=despite the fact that

Verisor, verisoara=cousin

Subiecte= topics

In totalitate=thoroughly

In repetate rinduri=repeatedly

A anunta=let somebody know

Now let us use some of the phrases above in meaningful, communicative patterns.

Chiar daca am invatat bine pentru examentul de lingvistica, tot mai ramin niste subiecte pe care nu le-am inteles in totalitate.

Even if we properly prepared for the Linguistics exam, there are still a couple of topics left, which we have not thoroughly understood.

Cu toate ca am invitat-o pe verisoara mea Cristina la mine in repetate rinduri, ea nu m-a anuntat niciodata daca doreste sa vina sau nu.

Although I have repeatedly invited my cousin Cristina to my place, she never let me know if she wanted to come over or not.

In pofida faptului ca mamei nu i-a placut niciodata de George, Adela s-a casatorit cu el acum trei saptamini.

Despite the fact that mother never liked George, Adela married him three weeks ago.

Thank you all for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us.
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