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romanian without tears Adjectives that do not change their form

We have repeatedly said Romanian is an inflection-rich language, which means that, as a rule, there is an agreement between the modified noun and the adjectival modifier. However, there are quite a few adjectives that do not change their form. Some of them are derived from adverbs, while others are borrowed names of colours.

Here are several such adjectives:





Albastru-deschis=light blue


Now let us use some of the adjectives above in meaningful, communicative patterns :

Bunicul meu era un om cumsecade. A murit acum un an, iar eu inca ii simt lipsa.

My grandfather was a decent man. He died one year ago, and I still miss him.

In familia mea, surorile tatalui meu au fost femei foarte cumsecade.

In my family, my father's sisters were very decent women.

Fiica mea si-a cumparat de curind un apartament si si-a varuit sufrageria in roz.

My daughter has recently bought a flat and she had her living room painted in pink.

Cladirile gri ale epocii comuniste inca mai pot fi vazute in orasele mari ale Romaniei.

The grey buildings of the communist era can still be seen in all major cities across Romania.

In ultimii ani ai vietii, bunica mea se imbraca doar in gri.

In the last years of her life, my grandmother used to dress only in grey.

Thank you all for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us. Good bye! La revedere!
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