Holiday on the Romanian Black Sea coast

holiday on the romanian black sea coast The Romanian seaside, perfect for a relaxing summer holiday


The Romanian Black Sea Coast stretches along 245 kilometers. The sea water has a low percentage of salinity, while the uniform shores and the eastern-oriented expands of beach, with a thick layer of sand, are perfect for a relaxing holiday. In Romania, at the peak of the summer season, water temperature readings may stand at over 25 degrees Celsius. As soon as the evening sets in, the coast sizzles with events, most of them enjoying international recognition. However, resorts on the Romania Black Sea Coast are also suited for families with children, in search for peace and quiet, but also for those who are into partying and love to dance the night away.


Adriana Deoanc─â is a spokesperson with Constanta Town Hall, and also our guide. She says that these days, the Romanian seaside translates into a fine experience.


"We have called it the Constanta-Mamaia experience. Our city, Constanta, is Romania's second most important city, but also one of Europe's largest and the most beautiful harbor-cities. With a population of more than 300,000 inhabitants, Constanta is a perfect blend between the old and the new, between history, tradition and modernity, between having fun in the summertime and quality multiculturalism, it is an unparalleled ethic mosaic and a city teeming with business opportunities. Constanta, in recent years, has become a noteworthy landmark on the summer holiday map for hundreds of thousands of tourists, Romanian and well as foreign. Apart from Mamaia, a resort offering countless leisure opportunities thanks to its wide beaches, with golden sand, and the sea water with a very beautiful blue color, the city is also worth discovering, step by step."


Our journey on the Romanian Black Sea Coast begins in Constanta Municipal city.


Adriana Deoanca:


"You will find archeological vestiges that are unique around the world, you can admire buildings which are iconic for the Romanian and international heritage, the Casino, the Roman Edifice and its Mosaic, the Roman thermae, the museums, the cultural institutions, the Ovidius Square, the Old city center, the Tomis harbor. These are some of the tourist and economic assets nobody should miss, once they get here. We are Romania's only city which is accessible using all modern means of transport, road, rail, sea, river and air. It is Romanian Black Sea Coast's most important harbor city, so Constanta is also easy to reach."


Mamaia is located in the northern part of Constanta. It is the most modern, the most popular and the most densely-populated resort on the Romanian Riviera. Mamaia is also the trendiest and the most dynamic resort.


Adriana Deoanca:


"It is a title awarded in 2012, at the International Clubs Festival in Monte Carlo. Nowhere else can you spend such nights like in Mamaia. Lying between waters, the Black Sea on one side and the Siutghiol Lake on the other side, Mamaia is the perfect place for you to spend the holiday of your dreams. You should know that tanning sessions on comfy lounge chairs, sipping a refreshing cocktail, in Mamaia perfectly tie in with consummate culinary experiences, ranging from the traditional Romanian, Turkish of Greek dishes to sophisticated shell or seafood-based Mediterranean recipes, prepared with all sorts of flavors and spices. All that simply enchants the taste buds of tourists who chose to spend time with us. Kite, kayak, snorkeling, parasailing or windsurfing and but a few of the sport disciplines you can practice on our seashore. So I believe we have enough reasons to invite all those listening to us right now to spend at least a couple of days on the Romanian seaside."


As a rule, the north of the Romanian seaside is popular for its vibrant nightlife, whereas the south is more appreciated by families with children for its peace and quiet. But special events for families are organized in all seaside resorts.


Adriana Deoanca:


"We are happy to see that a growing number of businesses provide all-inclusive services, complete packages for families with children or for large families coming to the seaside. The north of Mamaia resort is famous in that it attracts youth from all over the world. There are a lot of events devoted to young people, with at least 2 major music festivals, Sunwaves and Neversea, which are already known abroad. There are however a lot of events for families as well. In June, for instance, Ovidiu Square hosts an ice-cream festival. In July we have car races. Colour Run is another popular event held in Mamaia resort. In August, events are devoted to book lovers, such as the Gaudeamus Caravan. Marina Food Challenge and Pontus Euxinus festivals are also held in August. A more recent event, which is also becoming very popular, is the Dobrogea Wine Story, which brings together vineyards from the entire region which showcase their production from the current and previous years."


The authorities also pay close attention to the safety of tourists.


Adriana Deoanca:


"We take care of our tourists. We try to ensure an appropriate number of lifeguards are available in all resorts. As of June 1, the beaches of Constanta and Mamaia are monitored by over 120 lifeguards using 29 towers and 7 first-aid units, so that all locals and tourists may feel perfectly safe. They are also equipped with quick motor boats and ski-jets for emergency interventions. Comfort and safety are very important for us, and together with the local investors we are doing our best to make Constanta-Mamaia as attractive a destination as possible."


If you have enough time, you can also choose from a variety of day trips in the area. So whether you want an active holiday, a peaceful one, an immersion in the rich history and culture of multi-ethnic Dobrogea, the Romanian sea coast is the perfect summer holiday choice.

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