Adjectival agreement in Romanian

adjectival agreement in romanian The correct form of adjectives

Romanian is an inflection-rich language, so we bring you the basics on adjectival declension, in the hopes that getting the form of an adjective right improves your command communicative competence in Romanian.

As usual, we begin with a series of useful words and phrases:

Un scriitor talentat/o scriitoare talentata a talented writer

Un prieten minunat/o prietena minunata a wonderful friend.

In the genitive-dative, the forms are as follows: unui scriitor talentat/unei scriitoare talentate

Unui prieten minunat/unei prietene minunate.

Now let us use some of these words and phrases in meaningful sentences:

Un scriitor talentat va reusi intotdeauna sa-si publice opera, oricit de greu ar fi.

A talented writer will always succeed to get his work published, no matter how hard that might be.

Unei scriitoare talentate ii este usor sa vorbeasca despre opera sa in public.

A talented woman writer will find it easy to speak about her work in public.

Mihai este un prieten minunat ; el iti va spune intodeauna unde gresesti.

Mihai is a wonderful friend. He will always tell you when you are wrong.

Pantru baietii ei, mama lor a reusit intotdeauna sa fie o prietena minunata.

For her boys, their mother has always succeeded to be a wonderful friend.
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