Reactions to the Caracal case

reactions to the caracal case Investigations into the killings in Caracal continue.

The Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism and the police continue investigations in Caracal into the case that shook this small town in southern Romania. Gheorghe Dica, a car mechanic in his 60s, admitted to killing two girls of 15 and 18, Alexandra and Luiza, after abducting them from the street, locking them up and raping them.

In the absence of regular updates from the authorities, the few known facts about the case are being intensely debated in the public realm, with the public acting a collective detective trying to make sense of this increasingly complicated case. Social networks are full of the most macabre of scenarios. At the same time, public opinion is increasingly outraged at the way in which the authorities have acted, while evidence of the latter's unprofessional behaviour keeps surfacing. The uncle of one of the victims, who is a public figure, has published on Facebook the reports of the desperate calls made by his niece to the emergency hotline.

Alexandra, who was abducted last Wednesday, the next day managed to call the emergency line, which is administered by the Special Telecommunications Service (STS). The Service not only was not able to track the girl's location, but the person who took her call and then the police officer her call was transferred to both failed to handle the situation with professionalism. After entering three wrong addresses indicated by the Special Telecommunications Service, it took the police another 19 hours to enter the house of the suspect. The police blamed the delay on the prosecutor in charge of the case at the time, who, invoking the law, did not allow them to enter the suspect's house before 6 am on Friday.

This unacceptable series of mistakes has already led to dismissals and resignations. The interior minister Nicolae Moga has also resigned to salvage some of the image of the home office whose reputation has suffered owing to the deficient activity of some of its employees. The director of the Special Telecommunications Service Ionel Vasilca has resigned, the head of the Romanian Police Ioan Buda has been sacked, as have been a number of local police chiefs and the prefect of Olt county. In parallel, a report presented on Tuesday in a meeting of the County's Supreme Defence Council concluded that the institutions responsible for citizens' safety have failed, through a long list of unacceptable errors, to ensure a fundamental right provided for in the Romanian Constitution, namely the right to life.

The Romanian president Klaus Iohannis has requested the government to propose, by the end of August, measures, norms and procedures of rapid reaction and coordination to prevent delays such as those that occurred in the Caracal case. For her part, prime minister Viorica Dancila has mentioned possible legislative measures to eliminate the dysfunctions of the structures in charge of citizens' safety. Mihai Fifor, who has been appointed interim interior minister, has received a mandate from the prime minister to initiate a radical process of fighting crime and reforming the system.
Publicat: 2019-07-31 13:55:00
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