Landmarks of historical Bucharest

landmarks of historical bucharest The Carol Park

In French, it is called l'embarras du choix, which means you're spoilt for choice. Historical Bucharest is an obvious example of that, since you may find it difficult to choose a fine location to introduce to our listeners. Our choice today is Parcul Carol, the Carol Park.

As usual, we begin with a series of useful words and phrases:

a amenaja=lay out set up

a inaugura= inaugurate

a sarbatori=celebrate



Architect peisagist=landscape architect


Now here are some meaningful sentences including part of the words and phrases above:

Parcul Carol a fost amenajat intre anii 1900-1096.

The Carol Park was laid out between the years 1900 and 1906.

Parcul a fost inaugurat in 1906, pentru a sarbatori domnia de patru decenii a Regelui Carol I.

The park was inaugurated in 1906, to celebrate the four-decade reign of King Carol 1st.

Pentru constructia parcului, s-au folosit planurile arhitectului peisagist francez Eduard Redont.

The plans drawn out by the French landscape architect Eduard Redont were used for the construction of the park.

Lucrarile la terasament au inceput la data de 15 iunie 2015.

Embankment works began on June 15, 1905.

 Thank you ALL for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us. Good Bye!
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