10 December 2019, UPDATE

10 december 2019, update A roundup of the main stories in Romania today.

Laser. The high-power laser in Magurele, near Bucharest, is to become operational at the end of next year, said prime minister Ludovic Orban on Tuesday. He also promised that his cabinet would continue to support the activity of the National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering where the laser is being developed. In March, the laser in Magurele, whose construction began in 2013, achieved a power of 10 petawatts, becoming the most powerful laser in the world. It is hoped that the laser will in the future help in the discovery of radioactive isotopes that can treat cancer and contribute to identifying the content of barrels containing radioactive waste without opening them. Work on the laser is the result of a team effort involving researchers from all over the world.

Shooting. Six people were killed in a shooting at Ostrava City Hospital in the north-east of the Czech Republic on Tuesday morning.  Armed police found the suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot in a nearby vehicle after the attack. Part of the hospital was initially locked down. Prime Minister Andrej Babis confirmed that six people had been killed and that the shootings occurred at close range in a hospital waiting room.

Trump impeachment. The House Democrats on Tuesday unveiled two articles of impeachment against the Republican president Donald Trump as part the impeachment procedure, namely abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. If the two articles are passed in the House of Representatives, where the Democrats have a majority, in a vote taking place next week, Donald Trump could become the third president in the history of the United States to be impeached. The Senate's vote is also required, however, where the trial will be held and where the Republicans have a majority. The Democrats accuse Trump of putting pressure on Ukraine, while pursuing his own personal interest, to resume an investigation involving Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice-president Joe Biden, who is vying to become the Democratic nominee in next year's presidential elections.

Magistrates. In the three decades since the fall of communism, the Romanian justice system has made huge progress, not only in terms of legislation and institutions, but also at the level of society, said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at a meeting of the Superior Council of Magistracy. He went on to say that 2019 would remain in collective memory as the year when citizens protected, through the vote given in the May referendum, the independence of the judiciary against systematic attempts to weaken it. Apart from an activity report for this year, the Superior Council of Magistracy was also supposed to elect a new leadership in its Tuesday meeting, but failed to do so because the vote was tied twice. They did, elect the prosecutor Tatiana Toader as  the new vice-president.

Eurobarometer. More than 52% of European citizens believe climate change is the biggest environmental problem and 59% support their countries' membership of the European Union, according to the Eurobarometer published on Tuesday by the European Parliament. European citizens were asked what they believe should be the priority political topics on the agenda of the European Parliament. With regard to the European values, 48% of respondents say the protection of human rights around the world is the main value underlying the European Union, followed by freedom of expression 38%, gender equality 38%, and solidarity among member states 33%. Support for the European Union remains high for the third year in a row, the opinion poll also shows. 55% of Romanians believe membership of the European Union is a good thing.

Handball. The Romanian women's handball side lost categorically to Sweden 34-22 on Tuesday in Kumamoto, in the Main Round Group II of the World Championships under way in Japan. Romania put on a very poor performance, full of mistakes, while Sweden, despite not having a brilliant performance, took advantage of its many chances. On Wednesday, Romania will be facing Japan. Russia are first in the group, followed by Spain, Sweden, Montenegro, Japan and Romania. The two best-ranked teams will qualify for the semifinals.

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