Athlete of the Week - Biker Emanuel Gyenes

athlete of the week - biker emanuel gyenes Gyenes is taking part in the Dakar Rally for the 10th time

These days Saudi Arabia is playing host to a new edition of the Dakar Rally. This is the first time the rally is being held in the Arabic Peninsula, after being held for 30 years in Africa and for 10 years in South America. Also for the first time, the rally is hosted by several countries. Every year, competitors enroll in one of the three main categories: motorcycles, cars and trucks. Romania is represented by Marcel Butuza and Emanuel Gyenes in the motorcycle competition.

This is Gyenes's 10th participation in the Dakar Rally. To mark this special achievement, organizers have labeled him a competition "legend" and we have designated Emanuel Gyenes Athlete of the Week on RRI.

Emanuel Gyenes was born in Satu Mare, northern Romania, on March 3, 1984. He made his debut in the Dakar Rally in 2007, when he finished 47th. In the nine editions he took part in so far, Gyenes managed to finish the race seven times. He won the Marathon category twice, in 2011 and 2014. The Marathon competition doesn't allow any modifications on the bike, including its engine. In 2016, he grabbed Romania's all-time best performance in the Dakar Rally, ranking 14.

This year Gyenes is competing in the Malle Moto category, the most difficult of all. No external assistance is permitted, while the gear allowed is limited. Bikers race during the day and work on their bikes during the night. Competitors lay out their own tents and feed on whatever supplies they've packed. Considering the harsh conditions of the Arabian desert, competing in this class may seem like an adventure.

Let us also note that Emanuel Gyenes is competing this year on behalf of Autonet Motorcycle team, racing on a KTM 450 bike.

(Translated by V. Palcu)
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