Athlete of the Week on RRI - Fencer Ana-Maria Popescu

athlete of the week on rri - fencer ana-maria popescu Ana-Maria Popescu has won the World Championships in Doha

Romanian fencer Ana-Maria Popescu on Sunday won the women's epee singles at the World Cup in Doha. In the final she defeated Mara Navarria of Italy, 15-9. For her remarkable performance, we have designated Ana-Maria Popescu Athlete of the Week on RRI.

In Doha, Ana-Maria ousted Camille Nabeth of France, 15-10 in the first round. In the second round she won 15-9 against Estonian Katrina Lehis. In the round of 16 she knocked out Hyo-jung Jung of South Korea, 15-6. In the quarterfinals she won 10-9 against Katharine Holmes of the United States, while in the semis she defeated Tatyana Andryushina of Russia.

Ana Maria Popescu, better known to fencing lovers as Ana Maria Branza, was born on November 26, 1984. For the first time ever Ana Maria Popescu compelled international recognition in 2001, when she won the title at the World Cadets Championships held in Poland. A year later, Ana Maria Popescu reaped the world juniors title at the world championships in Turkey. 2002 turned out to be a special year for Ana Maria Popescu, who walked away with silver from the World Seniors Championships held in Lisbon.

In 2008 in Bejing, Ana Maria Popescu won the silver medal, the highest distinction for Romanian fencing at the Beijing Olympics. At the Rio Olympics of 2016, she won the gold medal in the team event with Romania's national team.

Let us further note that this season Ana-Maria Popescu won the Tallinn Fencing Championships in 2019, ranking second in the Havana World Championships earlier this year. She is the leader in the World Cup general standings, being very close to securing qualification to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this year.

(Translated by V. Palcu)
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