Asking for clarification in Romanian

asking for clarification in romanian Using open-ended questions in converstional exchange

Asking for clarification in a foreign language using open questions is a complex function you need to master, if you want to refine your command of Romanian. In this lesson you're being presented with the basics of using open-ended questions and asking for clarification.

As usual, we begin with a bunch of relevant words and phrases:

Peste proaspat=fresh fish

Piata de peste=fish market

Miine dimineata=tomorrow morning

A gasi=find

Certificat de garantie=vehicle warranty certificate


Now let us use some of the words in meaningful sentences:

Crezi ca am sa gasesc peste proaspat la piata de peste, daca merg acolo miine dimineata, inainte de ora 9?

Do you think I can find fresh fish at the fish market, if I go there tomorrow morning before 9am?

Credeti ca masina aceasta este inca in garantie ? Mi se pare cam scumpa, la 9.000 Euro.

Do you think the vehicle warranty certificate for this car is still valid? It seems a little bit expensive, for 9,000 Eur.

Crezi ca poti sa-mi trimiti bibliografia pentru examen pina mine, la ora 1300 ?

Do you think you can send me the bibliography for the exam by tomorrow at 1pm ?

Thank you ALL for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us. Good Bye! La revedere!
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