International measures against the new virus

international measures against the new virus The coronavirus outbreak keeps spreading, despite the Chinese authorities' efforts

In China, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection has increased significantly after  new diagnosis criteria were introduced. According to official data, by Friday, the number of deaths had reached 1400 and some 64,000 cases of infection had been registered in continental China. The figures show that the outbreak keeps spreading, despite the efforts made by authorities. Moreover, dozens of people in Hubei province have been living in isolation for weeks. The World Health Organization has announced the official name of the coronavirus, COVID-19, and also the fact that a vaccine against it will not be ready in the next 18 months, and anyway such a vaccine would cost millions of dollars.


Though at first the White House congratulated China for the professional way in which it managed the outbreak, the US is now accusing Beijing of 'lack of transparency'. Even if 99% of the cases have been reported in China, the COVID-19 outbreak keeps the world on alert, with more than 500 case of infections confirmed in some 20 countries. The EU health ministers, gathered in Brussels, say the EU is ready for a potential aggravation of the situation triggered by the spread of the coronavirus. They have called on the line industries in their countries to find solutions to ensure the necessary inventories of medical supplies, given the gaps in the supply chains from China. Several cases have been reported in the EU countries, so the Union calls on the member countries to better manage the situation and to ensure a rapid exchange of information. 


According to the European officials, most medical equipment comes from China and there are already problems with the supplies. The UE has already taken additional border control measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Also, the European Commission wants to put in place careful verification measures for the products that come from China. Fear of infection has led to the cancelling of big international fairs, including the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The outbreak has already triggered a potential 4 to 5 million dollar drop in the revenues of air companies across the world, the International Civil Aviation Organization has announced.


In the meantime, Romanian authorities have given assurances that there is no case of coronavirus infection in Romania. Health Minister Victor Costache has announced that such cases can be diagnosed across the country, and, as regards Bucharest, three special labs will be established to conduct the necessary tests if need be. Finance Minister Florin Citu has announced that money was disbursed for the purchase of thermal scanners that will be used in airports across the country.
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