May 4, 2020 UPDATE

may 4, 2020 update Ludovic Orban rounds up efforts to combat the pandemic / The Commission raises 7.4 million euros for COVID-19 vaccine

CONFERENCE - Romanian Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Monday evening held a press conference, 6 months after being sworn into office. Nearly half of this period has been marked by the coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister said Romania wasn't ready for this crisis and has made a huge effort to cope. Ludovic Orban said the restrictions imposed so far have produced an effective result in the fight against COVID-19. Romania's testing capacity now stands at 11,000 tests per day, being carried out in 60 centers with 100% accuracy, the Romanian official said. Romania now has all the necessary medicine to treat the virus. The restrictions are temporary and will be lifted gradually, depending on the evolution of the pandemic. The Government's purpose was to lower the impact on the economy, and the situation right now exceeds the forecasts of many economic pundits. Ludovic Orban also said the Government is assessing the financial resources and instruments that will help economic recovery. Investment will target transport, energy, healthcare, education and agriculture. Orban said public and private investments will drive economic growth. Romania can also accommodate any company that chooses to relocate its business from other countries.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION - The European Commission on Monday organized an international video-conference aimed at raising funds to support the development of a vaccine and effective treatments of the coronavirus. An estimated 7.4 billion euros were raised, which will go to setting up a world health organization and research networks. In the opening of the event, the Commission donated 1 billion euros, the same as Norway, while Germany and France have each contributed 500 million euros. Italy donated 140 million euros. Canada's contribution will stand at 850 million dollars, Saudi Arabia will donate 500 million dollars, 388 million pounds will be donated by Great Britain while Israel will contribute 60 million dollars. The United States did not take part in the initiative. Any vaccine against the coronavirus should be considered a global public product, French President Emmanuel Macron said. In turn, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres pointed overcoming the crisis will involve the biggest health effort in world history. Despite the latest promising progress, many researchers doubt a viable vaccine used for mass-immunization would be available earlier than next year. 

(Translated by V. Palcu)
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