Romania: Scholarships offered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

romania: scholarships offered through the ministry of foreign affairs For those who have applied for scholarships, he updated calendar is as follows.

Important Avis!

For those who have applied for scholarships offered by the Romanian State through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the updated calendar is as follows:


July 2020, 15: announcement of results in diplomatic missions abroad and sending the letter of acceptance to study in Romania for successful candidates;


 July 2020, 24: Deadline for official acceptance of awards by successful candidates;


August 2020, 14: Deadline to complete the application with the diploma / certificate proving that the candidate has obtained a high school diploma, university or equivalent institution, issued after submission of the application;


August 2020, 14: Deadline for application for student visa.


The full procedure is detailed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


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