Motion of no-confidence against the Orban Government

motion of no-confidence against the orban government "The Liberal Government, from Pandemic to Generalized Pande-bribe" reads the title of the motion of no-confidence filed by the Social Democratic opposition against the executive headed by Ludovic Orban

As announced, the Social Democratic Party, the main opposition party in Romania, filed early this week a new motion of no confidence against the minority executive headed by Ludovic Orban, titled "The Liberal Government, from Pandemic to Generalized Pande-bribe". The Government had been disembarked before, early this year, through the same democratic approach, but, amidst the health crisis that was taking shape and invoking the need for political stability, it was reinstated, as the opposition supported that too. 


Now, the Social Democrats blame the Liberal Government, whom they consider the weakest in the past 30 years, for the way it has handled the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures it has taken to restore the economy. "The Orban Government has led the country into an economic crisis that it cannot control at the moment and therefore it's time to be sacked", said the interim leader of the Social Democratic Party, Marcel Ciolacu:


"A government that steals from its own people must leave. A government that pushes Romania towards an economic disaster must leave. A government that fraternizes with the underworld, while stifling the Romanians with fines must leave. A government that does not observe the laws in force and does not increase allowances, salaries and pensions must leave. This motion is supported by almost one million Romanians who want their rights to be respected. That is why, here in Parliament, we will put an end to robbery and the incompetence of the National Liberal Party."


On the other side, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban rejects the accusations, terms the Social Democratic Party's approach irresponsible and says he is analyzing the possibility for the Liberal Party to notify the Constitutional Court, because a motion of no-confidence cannot be initiated during the parliamentary break. PM Ludovic Orban:


"It's a politically motivated attempt that is not backed by any objective for Romania and that risks blowing up the country in an extremely difficult moment, when a government with full power is absolutely necessary."


The no-confidence motion will be read in plenary parliament session on Thursday, and the reading will be followed by debate and vote. 233 votes are required for the motion to pass. PRO Romania and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats agree with the Social Democrats and will vote 'for' the dismissal of the current government. People's Movement Party and USR PLUS on the other hand have criticized the move and stated they will not support it. The Democratic Union of Ethnic Hungarians has not made a decision yet. 


The stakes are high, all the more so as both local and parliamentary elections are due this year in Romania. So, the main protagonists accuse each other, of clinging to power and of wanting to seize power, respectively, in order to maximize their electoral chances. (M. Ignatescu)
Publicat: 2020-08-18 14:00:00
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