August 28, 2020

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COVID-19 - Romania has reported 1,318 fresh cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the past 24 hours, the Strategic Communication Group has announced. 48 new fatalities have been reported bringing the total death toll to 3,507. Since the beginning of the pandemic Romania has reported a total of 84,468 cases while 37,056 patients have been declared healed. 8,797 people are presently in home isolation while 30,877 people have been quarantined at home. 497 patients are in intensive care units. 6,589 Romanian nationals abroad have been confirmed positive, most of them in Germany, Italy and Spain. 126 of these have died so far. According to the country's Health Minister Nelu Tataru, there is no need for additional restrictive measures in Romania as the number of infections is on a downward trend.

PANDEMIC - Over 24.6 million Covid infections have been reported around the world with a death toll that exceeds 830 thousand according to The larges number of cases has been reported in the USA and Brazil. Data released by the Johns Hopkins University shows that the death toll in the USA is presently exceeding 180 thousand. According to AFP, although the number of infections has been going down in the past weeks, the country is far from overcoming the medical crisis. Since the beginning of the pandemic Brazil has registered 3,761,391 infections with an official death toll of 118,649, coming second after the USA in a ranking of the most affected countries.

ELECTION - A campaign for the local election due on September 27th has officially kicked off in Romania. The election, which was initially scheduled to take place in June, has been postponed due to the pandemic. Campaign teams and candidates are going to wear masks during both outdoor and indoor meetings. Indoor meetings will be attended by 50 people at the most, whereas the number of participants in the outdoor events should not exceed 100 people.

INS - On January 1st this year Romania had a resident population of 19,318,000, 96,500 less than in the same period last year - a communiqué issued by the National Institute for Statistics (INS) shows, confirming the phenomenon of population aging has deepened. According to the same sources, the main cause of this demographic slump is the negative population growth as the number of deceased has exceeded the number of births by 73,630. According to the INS, Romania continues to be a country with a large number of emigrants, which is the second cause of this demographic slump.

MEETING - Over August 27-28 Romania's Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu is participating in the informal meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Berlin, held under the EU's German presidency. On Thursday, the participants voiced concern over the latest developments in Belarus following the August 9th election, the authorities' abuses against peaceful protesters and the accuses against the West for its alleged involvement in the events. The Romanian minister stood in favour of a prompt and rapid EU reaction and for the proper sanctioning of those involved in the rigged election and in the violent reprisals against the protesters. High on the meeting's agenda today are the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, the EU-Turkey relations and the geo-political impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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