November 14, 2020

november 14, 2020 A roundup of domestic and international news

COVID-19 RO. The state of alert has been extended, as of today, by another 30 days in Romania. President Klaus Iohannis has once again called on the population to comply with the new restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the new coronavirus. The head of state believes that these additional measures will show  results in two or three weeks. Since Monday, the hometown of the head of state, Sibiu, in central Romania, as well as three neighboring localities are in quarantine for two weeks. The decision was made because, in Sibiu, the infection rate reached almost 12 cases per thousand inhabitants, signaling an intense community transmission. Romania continues to report some 10,000 daily cases of infection with the new coronavirus. Almost 1,170 patients are in intensive care. Since the first case was reported in late February, nearly 353,000 people have become infected with Sars-Cov-2, of whom about 239,000 have recovered. The total number of deaths associated with Covid-19 has reached, in the same period, almost 8,800.

PANDEMIC. The restrictions imposed recently by the governments of many countries are starting to show the first results, but the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is a severe burden for all healthcare systems. The biggest pressure is on the intensive care units. Almost  54 million people have been infected with the new virus, of whom  38 million have cured, since the virus appeared in China almost a year ago. The death toll has exceeded 1.3 million worldwide. The United States, the worst hit country, with nearly 250,000 deaths, reported worrying figures for two days in a row. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says efforts must be doubled to curb the epidemic. On the European continent, Germany, Austria and Portugal have announced new daily records. In Italy, the number of infections has tripled in a month.

ELECTION. The neighboring Republic of Moldova is preparing for the second round of the presidential elections on Sunday, when the incumbent pro-Russia president Igor Dodon, runs against the former pro-Europe Prime Minister, Maia Sandu. In the first round, Maia Sandu got the largest number of votes 36%, while Igor Dodon won less than 33%. However, the final battle is expected to be extremely close, and the balance could be tipped by the votes in the Diaspora for Maia Sandu or in the Russian-speaking separatist Transdniestr for Igor Dodon. During the campaign, the current pro-Russia president urged his supporters to hold post-election protests if necessary, to defend his victory. As for Maia Sandu, she spoke about the need for change and the fight against corruption.

ECONOMY. Romania's economy registered, in the third quarter of this year, an increase of 5.6%, after a decline of 12.2% between April and June 2020 - according to data from the European Statistical Office, Eurostat. It is the most severe setback, along with that of Spain, in the European Union, where the Gross Domestic Product decreased by 4.3% in the third quarter of 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. Eurostat data also show a partial recovery, after the European GDP registered an annual decline of 13.9% in the second quarter of 2020, the most significant since 1995, when such data were first published.

NIGHT OF MUSEUMS. Museums and cultural spaces in Romania have planned for the 16th edition of the Night of Museums festival,  interactive activities on social networks and on their own websites. At the same time, the institutions that carry out their projects offline were asked to adapt to the new governmental measures regarding the activities with public and to the night circulation restrictions due to the pandemic. More than 60 museums and cultural operators from all over the country have signed up this year to celebrate the Night of Museums,  which is a European programme. Usually organized in May, it was moved to mid-November due to the pandemic. Initiated 16 years ago by the French Ministry of Culture, sponsored by the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the International Council of Museums, the Night of Museums festival mobilized in 2019, in Romania, over 150 museums and cultural entities, which interacted with almost 1 million people.

FOOTBALL. All the players and staff members of the Romanian national football team have tested negative for Covid-19, so the Romanian squad can play the match against Norway - the Romanian Football Federation announced today. The Romania-Norway match takes place on Sunday evening, in Bucharest. Then, on November 18, the Romanians will travel to Northern Ireland. Both League of Nations matches are important for the FIFA rankings, which will determine the ballot boxes for the draw of the preliminary groups for the 2022 World Cup. (M. Ignatescu)
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