"Romania Rocks": The Romanian-British Literature Festival

"romania rocks": the romanian-british literature festival Matéi Vișniec featured in one of the online talks organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London

In the Spotlight this week features Matéi Vișniec, an internationally acclaimed novelist, playwright, poet and journalist. He left Romania in 1987 fleeing the Ceaușescu communist dictatorship and settled in Paris. Here he has devoted his life to drama, poetry and fiction and works as a journalist for RFI. The recipient of multiple literature prizes, Vișniec's French-language drama is featured extensively in the Avignon OFF Festival.

On November the 9th, on the sidelines of the Romania Rocks festival, Matéi Vișniec was invited to take part in an online talk hosted by the Romanian Cultural Institute in London. He shared his thoughts on literature as a form of both resistance and subversion under communism and described his experience with censorship.

Publicat: 2020-11-19 14:00:00
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