Understanding Russia in a Historical Key

understanding russia in a historical key Professor Mark Galeotti has launched two of his books in Romania

Today's programme features Professor Mark Galeotti, honorary professor at University College in London. Prof Galeotti is general director of Mayak Intelligence, a consultancy and research group specializing in relations with Russia.

Earlier this month Prof. Galeotti launched two of his books in Romania, released by Humanitas Publishers. . With Russia's recent military buildup outside Ukraine's borders, many political pundits across Europe are wondering if this show of force is truly for real and Russia will actually plan on going ahead with a new military aggression in Ukraine, or if it is all a bluff to divert Europe's attention from other matters, Prof. Galeotti gives some clues to understanding Russia's behavior today.

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Publicat: 2021-04-29 14:00:00
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