The European Digital Green Certificate

the european digital green certificate A new legal mechanism to restore free travel across EU space

As EU member states imposed travel restrictions in 2020 when the situation turned bad at home, most of these measures were taken unilaterally, without consulting European bodies or other member states, and without agreeing on a standard approach that should not discriminate against various category of people. 

In a resolution passed at the end of April, MEPs adopted their final position on the so-called Digital Green Certificate, as proposed by the Commission, which is bound to be in place for 12 months.  

The chair of the European Parliament's civil liberties committee, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, attended a live discussion on the Facebook page of the European Parliament and stressed the need to end the current chaotic situation of unilateral and discriminatory measures. 

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Publicat: 2021-05-13 14:00:00
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