Caleido Multicultural Performing Arts Festival

caleido multicultural performing arts festival The 4th Caleido Performing Arts Festival was held in Bucharest between the 21st and the 25th of May

The 4th Caleido Performing Arts Festival was held between the 21st and the 25th of May and included 20 independent theatre, dance and performance productions, 7 of which own productions, and 4 premieres. The fourth edition of the festival was aimed at extending interdisciplinary, intercultural and inter-ethnic dialogue as part of the series Caleido Talks. There were also podcast talks that approached the theme of the festival: society seen multilaterally, through the filter of stereotypes, relations, women, communities and recent history. This year, the artistic director of the festival was Andreea Novac, an independent artist, choreographer and performer.

"It's the first edition in which I'm involved from this perspective, of the person that does the artistic selection. The previous editions were held under the same theme of diversity and multiculturality and, from what I learnt from the initiators and organizers, the festival started out of a need, the need to bring together, in the same space and context, extremely diverse performances. The idea was for these shows to be presented in the same place, for the audience to be able to create connections and to observe the phenomena that the artists focus on, and therefore have various perspectives on the same thing. I am a choreographer, and in 2019 the Caleido Festival produced a show that I worked on together with actor István Téglás. And because those who organized the festival two years ago liked the performance, they promised that at this edition I would develop the event in the dance and performance area. I accepted because I liked the idea very much, especially since I don't believe that art must be specialized, to be just dance or theater. I believe that a show can be a mix of arts and from this point of view, Caleido was the right platform, the platform that helped me work with various means and options.

Andreea Novac also told us about the four productions of the Caleido festival, one of the goals of which was to draw an alarm signal on the uncertain and unstable situation of independent theatre and performing arts in general:

 "I also worked with the organizers' proposals and I launched two open-calls for projects for this edition. One for shows guests to the festival, and another one for shows to be produced during the festival, which is extremely important for Caleido. Caleido produced in 2020 four shows, which is a lot for a festival and for a year as difficult as 2020 was, and this year we have the premieres. As for the call for projects, I wanted very much to bring to the festival performances from outside Bucharest as well. There are many independent artists in the country, with very strong proposals and I wanted to know their intentions and, if possible, to bring them to the festival and produce these four shows. In brief, I gave a free hand to Paul Dunca/Paula Dunker, a Queer activist who established a team that made a show titled Adoration for Radical Performance. It's a show about the Voguing movement (a type of dance typical of the Harlem ballrooms in the 1980s.) From what I know, it's one of the very few shows in our country that approaches this phenomenon quite deeply, accessing its many layers. There is a personal level in the show, but also lots of information about Voguing, which in our country is not known. It's a performance worth watching, which fills you with energy, extremely beautiful visually and easy to welcome by the audience. This year's edition of Caleido has also presented Bildungswoman, directed by Elena Morar, a project presented as part of our call for projects. It's a show that looks extremely well but is also very profound, in terms of content. It talks about women and growing up. I wouldn't call it a feminist manifesto, but it does have a clear feminist dimension. Another production presented at Caleido was Libretto Impostura, directed by Matei Lucaci-Grunberg, the second part of a trilogy. A show that speaks with humor and irony, and in a very health way, about imposture. " (MI)
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