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brasov for tourists In the Middle Ages, Brasov was a major fortified city, then a bridge between Western Europe and the Balkans, as a major trade hub

In the Middle Ages, Brasov was a major fortified city, then a bridge between Western Europe and the Balkans, as a major trade hub. Its historic monuments, still standing, fascinate tourists, and stand witness to times of great wealth. The most important monument is still the Black Church, the biggest Gothic building in Romania, which houses the biggest church organ in Europe. Today we are visiting Brasov and its environs, along with Adrian Vestea, president of the County Council:

“Brasov County boasts many historic monuments. Some of them are in the municipality proper. We can start with the Black Church, the one site that every tourist visits. Also, another recommendation is the first Romanian language school. There is a museum dedicated to the school, housed by the St. Nicholas Church. We also recommend the other museums that we, at the County Council, have supported along the years to house many exhibitions. We can start with the Council House, managed by the County History Museum, continuing with the Mures House, another historic venue for Brasov County. Tourists also appreciate the Art Museum and the Ethnography Museum.”



Brasov is a county where tourism is for all seasons. Adrian Vestea insisted that it is not a seasonal destination.

“Poiana Brasov has gained a reputation as the pearl of resorts in Romania. There you find the biggest skiing venue in the country. During summer, Poiana Brasov is rich in opportunities to spend a vacation, with its great landscape. At the same time, tourists can take strolls on Tampa Mountain, near the city. From Poiana Brasov you can take the old road to the Rocks of Solomon. There are very well managed trails, which can be a challenge for many tourists. We also have objectives within the city. Also, the national resort of Rasnov is the third most important in the country after Poiana Brasov and Predeal. It has a rich cultural agenda, and special attractions for tourists. I am talking about Rasnov Castle, which is being restored, the Dino Park, the Castle Valley cave, the Olympic winter sports complex, which hosted the European Youth Olympic Festival and many World Cup games.”



The rural part of Brasov County, with impressive landscapes, is rich in tourist objectives. Here is Adrian Vestea:

“The village of Bran is in itself a resort of national interest. There you find the famous castle of Count Dracula, Bran Castle, which is visited annually by a million tourists. Also, the Bran, Moeciu, and Fundata areas are also year-round tourist objectives, thanks to their local traditions and cuisine. I also recommend the resort of Predeal year round, and the fortifications in the metropolitan area. We also have the fortifications of Prejmer, Harman, and Ghimbav. Fagaras Country also has lots to offer. I am referring to the fortification of Fagaras, but also many other attractions, such as Brancoveanu Monastery, the Sambata de Sus monastery, and the fortification at Rupea, also under restoration. I think it is very significant that we also have a UNESCO monument, the village of Viscri, very well preserved, and we also have the village of Prejmer.”



Staying in the rural universe, the local artisans make trinkets and objects that have always fascinated visitors. Adrian Vestea, president of the County Council, spoke to us about the area:

“Unfortunately, during the pandemic we could not organize large scale cultural events, to capitalize on these crafts. We have such artisans that they have been declared a UNESCO living human treasure. They got this distinction thanks to their skills in numerous areas, such as the local traditional costumes, with their embroideries, but also other areas, such as pottery and woodwork. While I was the mayor, I held many events around those in Rasnov Castle.”



The winter season, however, is still the busiest one. Whether you want to spend the holidays in a fairy tale scenery, you want to practice winter sports, or witness old village traditions, Brasov County remains the ideal family destination:

“The winter season is bustling here. Fagaras Country, Rupea, the city of Brasov, or Barsa Country, have loads of attractive packages for the winter. In fact, tourist bookings run out as early as the beginning of December. Brasov County has had spectacular growth from one year to the next. We have over a million and a half tourists a year in our county. We have loads of tourist points, it is a year-round county, and you are eagerly expected.”



As you can see, you have to be hasty in getting in touch with your tourist agency if you want to take advantage of all that Brasov has to offer.
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