Creative workshops for young people with hearing loss

creative workshops for young people with hearing loss Non-profit association VAR launches creative project for Romanian teenagers with hearing loss.

VAR Association (Value at Risk) and is a non-profit NGO with no political or religious affiliations founded in March 2019. Its aim is to respond to problems and needs in the community by designing and promoting educational, social and cultural programmes in the field of the performing arts, film, music, dance and theatre. In January, the association staged a series of projects to promote the arts at metro stations around Bucharest, and in February it launched a project called "Wave for Me". Vero Nica, the association's project manager, says this is a very special kind of project:

"Wave for Me is an international project aimed at promoting the creative potential of young people with hearing loss, recipients of cochlear implants or people wearing hearing aids. It forms part of the association's efforts to assist people with hearing loss, who have been greatly affected by the pandemic and who need a lot of support and projects targeted to their needs. Our project is far-reaching in that it aims to create a virtual art gallery. International communities will also be able to become involved and we're holding an open call on 1st April inviting young people with a passion for the visual arts from around the world to register, to send us photos of their paintings, photography work or sculptures to be posted on this online gallery. The entire Wave for Me platform is intended as an accessible communication channel specifically designed for young people with hearing loss."

In the first stage of the project, an interdisciplinary group will give three workshops consisting of 5 courses each, covering the visual arts, public speaking and percussion. 24 young Romanians with hearing loss aged between 14 and 18 will be able to attend. Vero Nica, from the VAR Association, explains:

"It all began in February with a series of workshops on visual arts, percussion and public speaking for young people from Romania. 24 adolescents signed up, all very enthusiastic and creative. The next stage is the launch of a virtual art gallery, with some of the works then being exhibited in cities like Sibiu, Timişoara, Iaşi and Bucharest. The exhibition will be like a summary of the entire project. We're also talking to international organisations that may get involved and we're getting some funding as well from the Romanian Cultural Fund to allow us to develop this creative project."

The online gallery will include both works created during the workshops and other contributions from Romania and abroad received after the launch of the open call. Vero Nica tells us more:

"The online gallery is dedicated to young people aged between 12 and 18. There will also be a series of podcasts with young people working in the cultural sectors, with the first podcast, hosted by Luca Gora, already available on the project's page."

The third component of the project is the creation and broadcasting of a series of six podcasts with guests from Romania and abroad, young people with hearing loss who work in the cultural sector. By means of these video materials, organisers wish to bring together people from different geographical areas but with similar experiences, hobbies and needs and provide adolescents with hearing loss with the chance to meet other inspiring people like them.

The travelling exhibition showing the artworks created will be held in July, but until them, you can find out more about the project and follow its different stages on Facebook, at WaveforMe, and on Instagram, at waveforme.var.
Publicat: 2022-08-16 14:00:00
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