Exhibitions in 2022, hosted by the Bucharest Municipality Museum

exhibitions in 2022, hosted by the bucharest municipality museum  Art works by leading 20th century artists, revisited

A string of painting, sculpture and graphic art exhibitions whose eventual aim is to put to good use the rich heritage of Bucharest's Art Gallery Collection will be mounted by the Bucharest Municipality Museum all throughout 2022. Brought to the fore for art lovers will be artists' house-studios, but also costume collections, rare documents, traditional art and photographs of old Bucharest. The beginning of the museum is linked to the decision of Bucharest Town Hall's Communal Council, issued in late July 1921, whereby the suggestion was put forward, for the foundation of a communal museum. In 1956 it was officially decided that The Sutu Palace (a historical monument built in 1834) would become the headquarters of the museum. In 1959, the History Museum of the City of Bucharest was reopened to the public. The museum's history and fine arts sections merged, and that is how Bucharest Municipal City's Arts and History Museum came into being. In 1999, the institution regained its initial name, the Bucharest Municipality Museum. At the moment, part of Bucharest Municipality Museum are 14 museums, collections and memorial houses. One such museum is "Theodor Aman. " The museum awaits its public for a temporary exhibition, to be inaugurated on April 7th. The museum will be open to the public until March 2023. From May 27, on the premises at the Frederic Storck and Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck Museum, an exhibition will be opened, themed  "From Cape Kaliakra to Balchik. A painting itinerary."


Elena Olariu is the deputy director of Bucharest Municipality Museum's Art, Restoration and Preservation Centre. She will now be speaking about those exhibitions, to be opened soon on the premises of Bucharest Municipality Museum.


"The Theodor Aman Museum is one Bucharest's most beautiful museums, playing host to painter Theodor Aman's collection, it was also his house, a lot of people must have visited the museum already. Those who are not familiar with it, I invite them to seize the opportunity, the house is superb. It is an old house we preserved, in a bid to keep the interior just as it was decorated when the painter was still alive. Then again, apart from the permanent exhibition, in April, an exhibition will also be opened, themed Aman in plein air. Which means we present what the artist painted outdoors. Our lady colleagues were very inspired when they picked up the theme, as it is an opportunity to see the gardens Theodor Aman painted. In the month of May we will have another exhibition, just as interesting, venued by the Frederic Storck and Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck Museum. Paintress Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck travelled to Balchik many times, there she met Queen Marie of Romania, a close friend of hers. Therefore, the exhibition will present Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck's works, inspired by those places.  Ours will be an artistic journey, we will also have the chance to see the interior of the house, with a couple of novel works belonging to the Storck family house, we hope it will be an interesting exhibition. Actually, each year we stage small-scale exhibitions on the premises at the Storck Museum, and this time I decided we should focus on Balchik as well."


In late April this year, the Sutu Palace in Bucharest will play host to the exhibition themed "Phanariot Princely Documents as part of the Bucharest Municipality Museum Collection". Starting May 18, the Sutu Palace will also be the venue for an exhibition themed "The Romanian principalities. Landscapes of the 19th century European engraving". The exhibition puts to good use the heritage of the Bucharest Municipality Museum's Prints and Imprints Collection. Also, the exhibition seeks to introduce visitors to the Romanian atmosphere of the 19th century. More than 50 works will be exhibited, depicting places in the Romanian Principalities captured by foreign engravers, and bringing center-stage elements of urban and rural architecture. Two exhibitions will be opened in August, as part of the Donations and Donors series. The Sutu Palace will venue the "Ioana Gabriela and Alexandru Beldiman Donation", while the Nicolae Minovici Museum will play host to the exhibition themed "Under the Sign of Royalty: the Photographs of a young princess." Elena Olariu is the deputy director of Bucharest Municipality Museum's Art, Restoration and Preservation Section. Here she is again, speaking about this coming September's exhibition hosted by the Sutu Palace, themed  "Painter Gheorghe Tattarescu's Family, Faith and Home. "


"It will be an exhibition dedicated to Gheorghe Tattarescu's house, so we will exhibit several objects from that house. These are objects that have been restored, and that was accomplished thanks to my colleagues who succeeded to restore a great part of the Gheorghe Tattarescu Memorial House, and I'm speaking about objects but also about paintings. We will have on display ceramics, painted icons, books, artist's personal objects, several paintings of a small exhibition, so that the public can see those wonderful objects that have also been restored. They will be presented as an absolute first, which is also an opportunity to make the work of our colleagues in the Restoration section known to visitors. Perhaps very few people know that most of the exhibited objects also go through the restoration labs, where our colleagues work, and the work they do is less well-known to the public, yet it is a kind of work we have been trying to bring center-stage, via those types of exhibitions."


In September and October, 2022, the Bucharest Municipality Museum, though its exhibitions, will put to good use the creation of three women sculptors: Elena Surdu Stănescu, Henriette Cihoschi and Doina Lie.





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