Iaşi International Literature and Translation Festival

iaşi international literature and translation festival More than 200 professionals from the world of literature and the arts are taking part in the Iaşi International Literature and Translation Festival.

More than 200 professionals from the world of literature and the arts from Finland, France, Germany, Israel, the Republic of Moldova, Rwanda, Algeria, Syria and Romania are taking part in the Iaşi International Literature and Translation Festival - FILIT, held between the 19th and the 23rd of October.

Like in previous editions, readers again have the chance to meet award-winning writers and important contemporary literary voices from Romania and abroad such as the author of the best-selling title The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, the Irish writer whose works have been translated into 58 different languages John Boyne, one of the best-known and most award-winning Spanish writers Manuel Vilas, Algerian author writing in French Boualem Sansal, Armenian writer Narine Abgaryan, who was named by The Guardian among the best authors of contemporary Europe and whose book Three Apples Fell from the Sky was a best-selling title, and the Romanian writer and philosopher Andrei Pleșu. The festival is hosting dozens of events, including meetings with authors, poetry and book readings late into the night, workshops and roundtable discussions for professionals as well as concerts.

In the run-up to the festival, the FILIT Workshops for translators were held between 3rd and 7th October by the National Museum of Literature in Iaşi together with the Ipoteşti Memorial House - the Mihai Eminescu National Centre for Studies. The workshops provided a framework for professional training and discussion for translators from the Romanian into foreign languages and saw guests from ten countries: Jale Ismayil from Azerbaijan, Monica Constandache from Switzerland, Alexey Kubanov from Kazakhstan, Joanna Kornás-Warwas from Poland, Ferenc André and Csanád Száva, from Romania and translating into Hungarian, Monica Cure from the US and Eliza Filimon, a Romanian translator into English, Roxana Ilie, Romanian translator into German, Đura Miočinović from Serbia, Klara Rus from Slovenia, Elena Borrás from Spain, and Gabriella Koszta from Hungary.

We talked to writer and member of the festival's team Florin Lăzărescu about the importance given by the festival to translators and the festival's relevance for the Romanian public:

"This is why we named our festival the International Literature and Translation Festival, because we give special attention to translators, especially translators from the Romanian into a foreign language. Apart from these workshops, the festival also features other events centred on translators, from professional meetings with literary agents and translators to translation workshops for high school pupils. Translators go to high schools and teach pupils how to make a literary translation. As for the festival's public, 80% of participants are young and very young and I'm glad our festival means something to them. I'll give you two examples. Gabriela Vieru is a well-known literary critic and a member of Timpul magazine. She has attended the festival every year, has even worked as a volunteer in past editions, and this year she is coordinating two events. She told me this festival was the first time in her life she met actual writers, when she was in her 9th year in school. I think that's extraordinary how her life since she was a teenager has been marked by the festival. And she is not the only example. Ioan Coroamă, who is invited as a guest this year, is considered one of the most exciting new voices in Romanian poetry. When I invited him to take part, he said he's been coming to the festival since he was in 6th form and that the festival was very important for him, he grew up with the festival. These meetings with writers I think are very important, especially for young readers. This year, the festival's guests are going to 18 different high schools in Iași and other places around the county. This includes not just writers, but also translators and other professionals from the literary industry. I think this is one of the most important achievements of the festival, namely changing how literature is perceived, showing that it can also be spectacular, interesting, and very much alive."

This year's International Literature and Translation Festival in Iasi is hosting Romanian novelists Cezar Amariei, Remus Boldea, Adrian Cioroianu, Bogdan Coșa, Filip Florian, Lavinica Mitu, Liviu Ornea, Ioana Pârvulescu, Dan Perșa, Bogdan Suceavă, Anca Vieru; Romanian poets Răzvan Andrei, Ion Buzu, Ioan Coroamă, Teona Galgoțiu, Anastasia Gavrilovici, Sorin Gherguț, Claudiu Komartin, Ileana Negrea, Cătălina Stanislav, Veronica Ștefăneț and Mihók Tamás. Casa Fantasy hosts events focusing on the writers O.G. Arion, Michael Haulică, Liviu Surugiu, Daniel Timariu and Marian Truță and Casa Copilăriei is hosting illustrators Sidonia Călin and authors Ioan Mihai Cochinescu, Simona Epure, Iulia Iordan and Radu Țuculescu. The journalist Elena Stancu and photographer Cosmin Bumbuț are the guests of special events, and the photographer Mircea Struțeanu is presenting a literary and artistic project. (CM)

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