The Romanian Comic Opera for Children for the Holidays

the romanian comic opera for children for the holidays The Romanian Comic Opera for Children of Bucharest is ready to open its traditional fair Christmas Story

Even though the winter holidays may seem still far away, the Romanian Comic Opera for Children of Bucharest is ready to open its traditional fair Christmas Story, in the courtyard of their building. And even though winter in the big city will not be blessed by snow this year, and the little ones are deprived of playing in the snow, there are still places that rewrite stories of years past, with even more charm.



Soprano Felicia Filip, manager with the Romanian Comic Opera for Children, told us about what is under preparation:

“We have season surprises, which the children expect. We have events between November 25 and December 29, with a wide variety of activities. We have a skating rink, we have a small train, we have a carousel, and we have a small sledding hill, exclusively for children of all ages. All other venues can be used by the guardians of the children too, meaning the skating rink, the train, and the carousel. They are open to parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, friends, and so on. Moreover, on December 5, on our skating rink we start organizing skating competitions for the kids. Then, one of the unique activities will be the sled flight for the our more daring visitors, who enjoy heights, literally and figuratively.”



And, as there can be no holidays without Father Christmas, he has it on his list to make a stopover. Here is Felicia Filip:

“Starting on December 2, Father Christmas himself will come by the fair. We have him in his own Christmas house, to meet all the children to meet the children who want to see him, and to submit to him their Christmas wishes in person. As a first, the northern region of Maramures will be presented at the fair, with workshops held by traditional craftsmen, and, of course, with the unequaled Maramures dishes and foods. This is the first program under which a Romanian tourism objective is presented at the Christmas Fair, held in conjunction with Maramures County Council, and the organization that manages the county as a tourist destination. In addition, this Christmas fair of hours is one of presents and treats. This means that visitors can seek inspired gifts, traditional foods, and our Fairy Tale Inn is a place for family meals.”

The atmosphere would not be complete without music. Back at the microphone is Felicia Filip:

“There is one more surprise, the carolers' stage, where we will have shows put on by the childrens' choirs part of the national program Cantus Mundi. Imagine this fair filled with the wonderful voices of these kids! We can also say that we will have the workshop of the elves. They are for children who want to manifest their creativity, in order to make globes, decorations, wreaths, felt toys, all kinds of other toys, or decorations for the Christmas tree. Then we have Father Christmas' bookstore. That is because, after you bought things, and built things, after making these gifts, we can go to the factory for wrapping all these gifts, we take photos and put them up there.”



The Romanian Comic Opera for Children has very successful shows around the year, and the end of the year is no exception. Here is Felicia Filip:

“During this time, we have 121 shows and 25 nights of the elves, up until the end of the year. Our shows are already on sale, and already our dear audience is complaining that they want more seats, more shows. We have already supplanted the shows, and it's still not enough. With these 121 shows and 6 different show titles, we expect over 15,000 in audience. We are talking about The Nutcracker, or Bubu and the Seasons, or Venice Night, the show that will run between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Up until then we will have A Christmas Tale, bringing together all the beloved artists and crew of the Opera for Children.”



This wonderful program, which has brought joy to so many for so many years, has its own Facebook page, and can be checked out on the Opera's website. Opera manager Felicia Filip extended and invitation:

“We thank you, we love you, and we eagerly expect you to enjoy together the Christmas Fair put up by the Romanian Comic Opera for Children.”
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