Romanians celebrated the National Day

romanians celebrated the national day December 1, Romania’s National Day, was celebrated both in the country and abroad.

For Romanians, both for those in the country and abroad, December 1 was a day of celebration. Romania's National Day was marked by military parades, floral tributes at the heroes' monuments, traditional music performances and exhibitions which evoked the Great Union of 104 years ago. In Bucharest, the parade under the Arch of Triumph was attended by 35 thousand people, and in the capital of the Great Union, Alba-Iulia, the story of the events from that time was told throughout the whole day by means of special moments of historical reconstruction, in the presence of thousands of Romanians from all corners of the country. No matter how difficult the tribulations of history were, the Romanian people resisted and developed through unity - said the Liberal Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă, who celebrated the National Day in Alba-Iulia.

Nicolae Ciucă: "It is a very important day for us and, as we have always shown respect and honor for the memory of those who sacrificed themselves in the most difficult moments, for Romania to be as it is today, I believe that from now on as well, in moments perhaps not as difficult as then, we still need unity, solidarity, empathy and I am convinced that, as we have done it every time, we will do it from now on as well, being able to demonstrate that Romania is a truly European country. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Romania! Many Happy Returns of the Day, Romanians!"


In Bucharest, President Klaus Iohannis said that Romania had made remarkable progress in recent years, continued the efforts to modernize the state and to make reforms. At the same time, the head of state urged the authorities to use all instruments to increase the standard of living of Romanians: "Citizens naturally have high expectations from the political class, especially in this difficult period. We are already on a path full of changes, reforms, efforts to modernize the state, institutions, public services and infrastructure. It is a lasting process, which I see as irreversible, but Romanians need as tangible and immediate progress as possible to increase their well-being and standard of living. Our country has sufficient funds at its disposal through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan - PNRR and other European programs to produce the necessary changes and I urge the authorities to use all available instruments."


"For me, December 1st is about the certainty that this people will always find the strength to overcome all crisis situations", said the social-democratic leader Marcel Ciolacu, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, who added that: "The National Day is the moment when we celebrate the pride, unity, solidarity, strength of character and heroic courage of our forefathers. For me, however, this year, December 1 also represents something else, extremely important in the current turbulent context in which we are living. It is a brilliant example of the way in which the Romanian people have always found, in the most difficult moments of their history, that terrible inner force that made them overcome borderline situations."


Regardless of doctrines and values, Marcel Ciolacu went on to say, we must believe in the people and always offer direct support to Romania, because that means being a genuine patriot. (LS)
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