Global Wellness Day

global wellness day SPA centers across Romania, visible on the market

The Global Wellness Day is rapidly drawing near, and, this time around as well, we say Yes! to the invitation extended to us to discover the latest on the domestic SPA market. This year as well, we are invited to view life from a fresh perspective, under the slogan One Single Day can change your entire Life! 

The founder of a spa platform,, Ioana Marian, has launched an invitation for us:

"Global Wellness Day is the moment when you can discover, when you can have your own hands-on experience of what SPA and wellness actually mean. You can participate, free of charge, in all sorts of wellness activities, correct breathing, stretching exercises, meditation, you can even do mini-SPA therapies, all that offered free of charge. The event takes place on the second Saturday in June, this year it will be on June 10th."

The initiator of a SPA center in the capital city, Alin Simion, gave us details on the concept underlying the setting up of the center. It was a center that started off from the need for self-development and out of love for his wife, who always had that dream.

"A key element was the care for the client, the care for the human being as such. And that pushed us forward towards our own personal development, I work with myself a lot so I could be a more balanced man, while the professional aspect followed suit, as well as the understanding of our client's needs. We opened the center in 2011, I met my wife at the Dalai Lama Center in Tibet and, taking one step after the next, we went from strength to strength, we're now in our third location, a superb location we 're so proud of. It so much resembles what we wanted for ourselves, from the very beginning: to be able to offer people a beautiful and elegant SPA environment, with a lot of nature and perfect-to-a-fault services."

Invoking, though the name of the center, that kind of feminine energy we all have, irrespective of our gender, the center creates a special atmosphere. 

Alin Simion once again:

"The spirit is one of intimacy, where people can discover that very particular thing we call home. That particular thing means relaxation, intimacy, enhancing people's intellectual or self-knowledge capacity. We offer classical beauty services, we offer over 90 types of massage, SPA rituals or signature rituals we laid so much emphasis on, as we wanted each and every one of our therapists to offer a signature therapy, at once allowing them to introduce themselves for what they truly are, using everything of what they learned all along their professional career. We have the personal development and self-knowledge, coaching side, we have yoga and meditation. Furthermore, we organize very many courses and events. We try to offer a personalized solution to each and every person visiting us. "

The founder of the platform, Ioana Marian, heaped praise on Romania's SPA market being on the rise in recent years. It literally progressed from scratch only to reach its extremely diverse dimension of today. However, Ioana Marian said, there is still a lot more work to be done, to that end.

"There are still many regions that have not just as yet acquired the status of a center in its own right. As we speak, my estimation is that of 30 to 35 centers have the status of a SPA proper, and which are not salons. The SPA experience entails the relaxation of all five senses, and not the tactile one alone. Besides, in another development, we cannot possibly speak about a SPA proper in the case of the hotels or guesthouses pointing to the existence of their own spa center, while the moment you step in there you see they actually have a swimming pool, a sauna, maybe a massage room. There is no SPA there, actually. What a consumer wants is a complete switching-off for himself, since he is stressed out when he enters there. Everybody knows that after an hour they spent at the SPA, he emerges a different man out of that treatment facility, not only is he more relaxed, but also he has a lot more energy."

Ioana Marian explained what the elements were, that contribute to the transformation you experience in a SPA center, from a stressed-out individual to a person who is completely relaxed and full of energy.

"That is possible, in a SPA, thanks to the atmosphere: through the setting you find in the SPA, more often than not elements of nature, plants, stones, living elements that come with their own energy and which contribute to your state of well-being. There are also the colors that relax you, green, tree-bark brown, then there is the smell, through the essential oils you can feel. It's just as f if you took a walk through the forest. You can hear the murmur of the water, you breathe in those essential oils and, after a simple walk through the forest, you already feel you are a different person. Here, apart from the water and the plants and the soft sound of music, you also benefit from a therapy offered by a professional. As in the SPA centers we work with therapists who graduated from a faculty, whether it's the Physical Education Faculty, the Kinesiotherapy one or the Kinesiotherapy Faculty offered by the Medical School, which means a lot more than a massage course pursued for a couple of months ".

We have also found out that this month, the first awarding-ceremony Gala was held, for the SPA centers across Romania. It was a one-of-a-kind event, meant to encourage performance. Therefore, we invite you, wherever you may be, to say Yes! to a special day: the Global Wellness Day!
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