Assertiveness in Romanian

assertiveness in romanian Ways of expressing assertiveness in Romanian

Mastering ways of expressing assertiveness in Romanian is a major means of integrating in a certain milieu, where conversational exchange is bound to be a little bit more sophisticated than usual, so in this lesson you will be exposed to the language of assertiveness in Romanian.

As usual, we begin with a bunch of relevant words and phrases:

A(i)pasa=to care


Facultatea de Teatru=Drama School

A fi ingrijorat=to be worried


A fi incredintat=to believe in



A trece=to go through

Concurs de eseuri=essay contest

A fi incintat=to be delighted

A merge in instanta=to take the matter to court

Daca nu=unless

Now let us use some of the words in meaningful sentences:

Ne pasa cu adevarat daca nepotul nostru reuseste la examenul de admitere pentru Facultatea de Teatru.

We really care if our nephew passes the entrance exam for the Drama School.

Sintem ingrijorati pentru faptul ca fiica noastra nu ne-a mai scris de doua saptamini.

We are worried because it has been two weeks since our daughter last wrote to us.

Sintem profund incredintati ca cel mai bun elev va trece la etapa urmatoare a concursului nostru de eseuri.

We firmly believe our best pupil will go through to the next stage in our essay contest.

Am fost incintati de faptul ca absolventii nostri s-au pregatit atit de bine pentru examenul final.

We were delighted by the fact that our graduates have been extremely well-prepared for the final exam.

Sintem hotariti sa mergem in instanta, daca problema nu se rezolva in timp util.

We are set to take the matter to court, unless our problem is solved in due course.

Thank you ALL for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us. Good Bye! La revedere!
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