The summer season

the summer season Basic tourism vocabulary

The sea, the sea...the summer season is in full swing in Romania. For all its decreasing popularity, the Romanian Black Sea coast still attracts lots of tourists who come from all over the country to spend a couple of days, or maybe more, on the Romanian seaside.

Today we offer you basic vocabulary on tourism on the seaside.

This summer=vara aceasta

Secetos, secetoasa=droughty

Mai secetos, mai secetoasa=droughty, droughtier

Comparativ=as compared to

Litoralul romanesc al Marii Negre = The Romanian Black sea coast

Oferta turistica de anul acesta=this year's tourist offer

Turism de weekend=weekend tourism

Dezvoltare spectaculoasa=spectacular growth

Now here are some meaningful sentences including part of the words and phrases above:

Vara aceasta a fost mai secetoasa, comparativ cu verile trecute.

This summer was droughtier, as compared to previous summers.

Pe litoralul romanesc, oferta turistica de anul acesta nu este neaparat mai bogata, ci mai scumpa fata de anul trecut.

On the Romanian Black Sea coast, this year's tourist offer is not necessarily more generous, but it is more expensive than last year.

Pe litoralul romanesc, turismul de weekend s-a dezvoltat spectaculos in ultimii sase sapte ani.

On the Romanian seaside, weekend tourism has seen a spectacular growth in the last six or seven years.

Thank you ALL for the interest you take in Romanian culture, and for being so keen on learning Romanian with us. Good Bye! La revedere!
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