Exhibition UTOPICA

exhibition utopica An exhibition to change the world

Organizers got the idea from a summer camp in one of Bucharest's disadvantaged districts where children played, discovered museums and got a glimpse of art and artists in a bid to create what they believed to be 'the perfect world'. Their ideas and creations served as guidelines for an interactive exhibition.

The UTOPICA#prinarta (UTOPICA through Art) a production of the Da'DeCe Association, co-funded by the National Administration of the Cultural Fund kicked off through a city camp between 8th and 12th July 2019 at the Golescu Grant Mansion, and it was attended by 15 children as part of the Integrated Programme for Education for Diversity. Iulia Iordan museum educator with the Da'DeCe Association told us how the artifacts created by these little artists inspired the UTOPICA exhibition.

Iulia Iordan: "Our project is called "Utopica Through Art" and is designed to be the first out of a bigger series of experimental projects aimed at testing the children's interest in changing the society they live in. Our association is specialized in staging cultural projects for children in various museums. This project is a first though. Last summer we staged an urban camp for children on the premises of Golescu-Grant mansion attended by economically-disadvantaged children from the Giulesti-Sarbi district. We worked together with them and with artists in a bid to probe their interest in culture, in art and an ideal world. The outcome was transformed into inter-active devices around this exhibition. So you are not going to find here exhibits on display like in any exhibition. Visitors are invited to follow a certain route along the exhibition and are allowed inside after submitting an application. This is supposed to be an inter-active exhibition and every visitor is invited to reflect on the world we live in, on its problems and try to find solutions to these problems by means of art in the space we have created here."

Iulia Iordan has further referred to the complaints these children filed during the exhibition.

Iulia Iordan: "Children are mainly complaining about school but a great deal of them is referring to pollution and waste dumping as well. They are very aware and focused, more than we expect them to be, when it comes to observing the world we live in. The solutions they offer are also very interesting as they are very realistic, very down-to-earth. They also complain about the relationships between people. There were complaints about lying, the lack of affection and trust. These complaints are varied and what seems to be very important is that this exhibition is no longer destined for children but also for adults. And I can say that these children are very mature and concerned about the big issues just like the grown-ups."

Iulia Iordan has also referred to the differences between disadvantaged children and those from the middle class.

Iulia Iordan: "There are differences, first it's their life experience. They are less interested in culture being more outdoor with a keen interest in sporting activities. But kids are kids and irrespective of their background our role as educators is to whet their appetite for these things through the methods that we have. There are some of these children who had never been in an artist's workshop so the visit they paid to painter Stefan Caltia's workshop proved to be a great experience and a revelation to many of them. They were very open, asked a lot of questions and it eventually was a delight also for us."

In order to maximize the impact of the aforementioned exhibition, the organizers want to take it to other places around the country. Here is Iulia Iordan at the microphone again.

Iulia Iordan: This is a small-size exhibition and we designed it like that on purpose because we want to bring it to schools, which may not have enough room for bigger events of this kind. We hope to bring it to as many places as possible and make it the object of further research based on observations we have gleaned from our visitors. There is a place inside this exhibition where we speak about the perfect house and there are lots of artifacts created by these little artists on view but we also have a place where visitors can bring their contributions. There is also an interactive spot, which we dubbed 'the School' and has two characters known as 'Utopian' and 'Boredom', who are tackling school history and the issues school is currently facing nowadays. "

The UTOPICA exhibition is addressing children above 7 years who want to make the difference and change things in our present-day world.

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