A Season With iuBine

a season with iubine For quite a few years now, a young woman has been pursuing her passion, kaleidoscopes

For quite a few years now, a young woman has been pursuing her passion: she seeks, discovers, and gifts beauty. At first she was the 'fairy of wonders', as she liked to call herself, on the Minuni.ro platform, that wanted to promote good people and their good deeds. Then she was joined by a larger community on Facebook. And, though there are many people who don't believe online relationships are genuine, Veronica Soare, our guest today, did wonders in gathering around her good people, who are ready to get into her game. For instance, under the aegis of Minuni.ro, whose complete name is 'minuni.ro, a kaleidoscope of good deeds', Veronica promotes through events her great love, kaleidoscopes, which she has been loving since childhood. It is an optical toy, a cylinder with mirrors inside and colored pieces of glass that create optical effects when looked into and rotated. Therefore Veronica Soare's purpose was to teach children and adults how to build them, because the image inside the cylinder is never the same, and always wonderful. Veronica Soare was our guest years ago, when she told us about the story that changed her life, the story of these lovingly built objects that she has been building for the last ten years, as she recalled recently:

“I continue to build kaleidoscopes. I will be doing this my entire life, in one way or another, because these are the objects that charmed my childhood. And I continue to believe that it is the most beautiful object ever invented, and that it teaches us about people and the world, it teaches us to really look at beautiful shapes, because that is the meaning of the word: to watch beautiful shapes. And I believe that, especially in the chaos that we are in, we need them, and what they teach us. So I continue to build kaleidoscopes and the kits that allow others to build them.”


And because for Veronica stories are magic, and nothing is as it seems, she had the spark of an idea, as she told us:

“In isolation, I had an epiphany one evening, around dusk, when the setting sun was shining into my room. That is when I saw a word in front of me, which I embraced with joy. The word was iuBine, a play on words in Romanian between good and love. Now I am working on launching the website iuBine.ro, where I sell things that have this word on them, things to give or to wear, such as T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, etc. I'm just playing. We also make Christmas globes, even out of chocolate, inscribed with these words. After I got the idea of this word, in a few weeks I started a podcast with the Stories of iuBine, as a grain of beauty in the world, about things that I believe in. In a way, love and good are my fundamental values, and it seems incredible to me that I now have this word of my own, and I can give it forward. Therefore, everything I have become in the last few years will be in this podcast, which I want to be an oasis of tranquility for others. This is how I play, I dance on several dance floors. And I think this is a reason for which this has been a very good year.”


We saw on Veronica's website Christmas globes with the inscription iuBine. We asked her to tell us about a iuBine Christmas:

“Now that you are asking, I am looking at these painted wooden globes. I want to bring this iuBine in people's homes. And Christmas is the time to be with others, but this year it will be difficult. In the next few weeks, up until Christmas, I will be alone, so I need to bring a lot of it in my life1. For Christmas, when we generally get together, but this time we cannot, I think everyone needs more of this in our lives. It is my wish, in everything I am and I do, for people to not forget that, although we live in tough times, we have in ourselves a spring of beauty, joy, and good. I think that is my purpose, to tell people that there is a lot of beauty in the world, and it starts with all of us.”


This is the reason for which Veronica Soare puts her soul in the objects she makes and marks with iuBine:

“Today I'm in my workshop, I am photographing the globes. You can find the pictures on the website, iuBine.ro. You will also find T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and nice heart-shaped notebooks. There will be more kinds of things next year with lots of other nice things to wear and to gift.”


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